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Removes the metal plates from Thief's Waistguard

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Replaces the Thief's Waistguard (female only).

Now available in 3 styles:

a. removes the metal plates
b. has only the metal plates
c. removes both metal plates and flaps, keeping only panties

All come with an additional option to remove the leg wrap as well.

I've replaced the dirty looking vanilla textures with my custom ones, to make it look clean and shiny. I've included the vanilla textures in case you need them.

Also scaled down the waist wrap a little so it looks less bulkier. Minor clipping issues may happen if wearing large chest armor.


⚠ Please remove old version (<1.2) before installing new one. Some filenames were changed.

1. Install Nioh 2 Mod Enabler.

2. Download either of the main files. The styles conflicts with each other. Do not use them at the same time.

3. Unzip the contents into Mods\ folder.

(3.1. If you want to get rid of the leg wrap, go into the "option" subfolder, copy the files, and replace the ones in the root folder with them.)

(3.2. If you prefer vanilla textures or white panties, download the optional texture pack, and replace the DDS files in the mod folder with the ones from the pack.)

(4. Press F10 to refresh mods if your game is already running.)

5. Enjoy.


- Custom textures
- Added vanilla mesh option

- Fixed waist gap with the panties

- Added panties-only style

- Added plates-only style and no leg wrap option

- Initial release