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Adds Okatsu's Outfit and weapon to the game

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Items that got replaced by this mod :

Okatsu's Headdress  - (Shrine Maiden's Headpiece)
Okatsu's Body Outfit -  (Platemail Cuirass)
Okatsu's Gloves -  (Mataza's Gauntlets)
Okatsu's Pants -  (Governor's Waistguard)
Okatsu's Boots -  (Platemail Greaves)

Okatsu's Sword - (Haccho Nenbutsu)

-----You can also check the images to see the replaced items-----

currently there are 10 recolors , for both outfit and the weapon :

How to add wished colors to the outfit? download the texture colors file and drop them in the main folder , "weapon" textures should go in "Okatsu_Weapon" folder and "outfit" textures should go in "Okatsu_Outfit" folder

Shiny effects works with ALL colors.

Also you can customize your weapon/outfit colors separate , for example , Red Outfit with Black Weapon

Notes :

1- This Outfit is useable for female only , but the weapon can be used as both male and female

2- Weapon's size doesn't affect their attack range

3- I highly recommend using the full outfit set , combining it with different armors parts might not look good most of the times

4-  due to some issues , i had to include okatsu's legs , the legs are part of Okatsu's body so... their color won't change if you change your character's skin color , but i can edit it for you if you want , also you can do it too by just editing the "" file

5- both weapon and armor have "Shiny/Oily Effects" as option which u can activate by placing the "" file from the "Shiny/Oily" folder to the main folder

6- Cyan color of the sword can't use "Shiny/Oily Effects"

7- check the images to see how options affect the outfit

8- color files only include the textures , you will need to download the main file in order to use the color textures

9- that's all , if you have any problem/question about my mods or even asking for commission , please let me know , Discord : {Kojiro}#1828

if you like to support/donate for any reason , you can send steam gift cards to here


first , you need to download nioh 2 MOD enabler from here
if you have the MOD enabler already , you just need to download the file , then extract it and copy the folder to your nioh 2 mods folder
(with MOD enabler , press F2 in game to turn off/on mods and press F10 to reload all mods)


add DISABLED next to the folder name to disable it or just delete the folder.