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This mod adds "Automata 2B YoRHa" outfit to the game with some weapons

Permissions and credits

-changed textures of all weapons and armors to make it look better in nioh2

-added no skirt option
(a lot of you were asking me to make a "no skirt" version , i finally made it but i'm sorry i can't make it any better)

-added dark skin option for black outfit and bright skin option for white outfit
(since visible skin parts (chest/thighs) are from 2B's body , you can't change their colors , some might want to play white outfit with bright skin and some want opposite , now black outfit has bright skin as default and white outfit has dark skin as default , but they can be changed)

-added no feather option on gloves
(removes the feathers of the gloves)

-2B's Headgear & Eyepatch now replaces "Takezo's Headband"
(headgears should look better now , also ,  i only changed merchant's headband , the rest of the items in this mod remains the same)

-removed "shiny" effects from all armors and weapons , instead , added "Shiny/oily" effects as an option
(shiny effects are good in some nioh maps and in some its terrible , now "oily/shiny" and "dry" effects are separate)

-fixed few issues about the model (baggy armpit - back of the skirt had weird physics - etc)

-added a "Default" folder in the mod files incase if you want to revert options
(it serves more like a ready backup)


1- how to install options? 
for example , if you downloaded "2B Original Color" version and you want no skirt option , first go to "2B Original Color" and inside "Disabled No Skirt (Option)" folder , copy everything inside that folder , go back to "2B Original Color" folder , paste and replace the files in the folder.

simple as that , do the same with other options , if you regretted using an option , go to "Default" folder and do the copy/pasting to revert back to default.

and before you say  , yes , you can combine all the options together (No feather on gloves + No skirt + No eyepatch + Shiny/Oily Textures + etc)

2- you might want to keep your character's chest size between "0 to -20" , increasing it too much might break the body armor and making it look weird

3- about no skirt option , i did all i could to make that , its not looking great at some parts but sadly its just that , the problem is that nioh2's body armor and pants armor are separate , but for 2B's outfit , body armor and pants armor was not separate

4- check the images to see how options affect the outfit

5- don't mind the "Disabled" text next in some folder names , its there to avoid conflicts/issues

6- i guess that's all about 2.0 version , as always , please enjoy. if you have any issues or question about the mod , feel free to ask , or if you like to commission an armor set , discord : {Kojiro}#1828
Armors that got replaced by this mod :

2B's Headgear & Eyepatch  -  (Merchant's Headband) (Takezo's Headband)
2B's Body Outfit -  (Justice Ministry Cuirass)
2B's Gloves -  (Demon Horde Gauntlets)
2B's Pants -  (Governor's Waistguard)
2B's Boots -  (Imperial Monk's Greaves)

(The recolor outfit uses the same items , so you need to have only one of them active at a time to avoid any conflicts/errors)

Weapons that got replaced by this mod :

Dual Sword -  (Tarobe Kanemitsu & Rapier)
Odachi -  (Kimibanzai Tomonari)
Odachi 2 -  (Jiro Tachi)
Odachi 3 -  (Demon Horde Odachi)
Odachi 4 - (Rai Kuniyuki Odachi)
Sword -  (Jikkyu Mitsutada)
Sword 2 -  (Haccho Nenbutsu)
Sword 3 - (Swift Hawk)
Spear -  (Coin Threader)

Notes :

1- This Outfit is useable for female only , but the weapons can be used as both male and female

2- Weapon's size doesn't increase their attack range

3- I highly recommend using the full outfit set , combining it with different armors parts might not look good most of the times

4- There is some small issues about this mod currently , like the skirt part on the front-left side is moving weirdly sometimes, or the thighs are kinda baggy in some specific animations/stances , but unfortunately i can't make it any better , its this for now , i'll upload a newer version if i were able to fix those issues
i fixed the weird moving thingy in front of skirt in (v1.1) , and was able to make the thighs less baggy hopefully , plus fixed the gap between thighs and pants when you sprint and fixed eyepatch's clipping issue with the cheek so be sure to download (v1.1) of the file and delete the (v1.0) if you have it before

5- due to some issues , i had to place the body parts of 2B (like thighs and breasts) along with the armor , so when you change your skin color , the color of visible body part of the outfit won't change , it should be fine for a normal color skin , but if that really bothers you , you can fix this , just go in "2B - Body" and "2B - Pants" folder and edit the "" files yourself so the color of the skin can change too (it requires photoshop and a plugin , i can do it for you if you want)

6- not much to say currently , just enjoy , plus if you found any issues or got problems or had any question about the mod , feel free to let me know - discord : {Kojiro}#1828

if you want to donate/support for any reason , you can send steam gift cards in here 


first , you need to download nioh 2 MOD enabler from here
if you have the MOD enabler already , you just need to download the file , then extract it and copy the folder to your nioh 2 mods folder
(with MOD enabler , press F2 in game to turn off/on mods and press F10 to reload all mods)


add DISABLED next to the folder name to disable it or just delete the folder.