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CE table for Nioh 2 that expands every weapon's moveset by adding new controls for their skills

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Requires Cheat Engine

CE table for Nioh 2 that expands every weapon's moveset by adding new controls for their skills. None of the new inputs are customizable at the moment. Everything has been hardcoded.
Retreating moves such as Swallow's Wing and Fill the Void have been bound to Backward + Strong Attack after a Quick Attack combo.
For Dual Swords, you no longer need to choose between Windstorm and Watersword since Windstorm has been assigned to Guard + Quick attack on High Stance.
The redundant Wild Lions has been replaced with Urgency for more variety in the Tonfa's moveset.
Axe finally receives a complete moveset with new skills assigned to the sorely missing Guard + quick attack (L1+Square) controls on High and Low stance.
And much more!

Weapon Movelist (pdf)

Other changes:
- Increased the start up speed of Resounding Lunge by 40%
- Added a Ki pulse window to Wild Spear
- Random Slice will transition into a quick Sign of The Cross at the end of its animation
- Fixed a base game bug where the skill 'Double headed slice' could not be performed after guarding an attack
- Mapped Same Weapon Flash attack for every weapon except Switchglaive as the input: After Ki Pulse -> Interact/Circle

- Ensure the game is already running. Open the table. Click File -> Open Process. Select Nioh 2

- The mod must not be activated during a loading screen. It is preferable to activate it in the Main Menu or Mission Menu.
- Activate 'Skills Mod'. Wait a couple of seconds for the scripts to be fully switched on.