Nioh 2

About this mod

adds skins from Orochi 4- SoulCalibur6 - Onimusha 3 - Sekiro - DW9 - FinalFantasy -GOD3-Dark souls to noih 2

Permissions and credits
Regarding weapon mods
  1. The Sizes do not increase weapons atk range.
  2.  I recommend hiding your weapons(game settings) since many of these skins do not have proper sheaths (didn't come with one like  a mace for example ). few of  the larger weapons however are still visible on your back or waist properly.
  3. The pictures shows what weapon they replace, may effect others weapons that share the same handles or weapon's head. Simply refashion to your  preferred weapon skin. and delete any extra weapons mods you don't want to reduce future conflicts with other weapons mods from me or others.
  4. some mods may use the same weapon as a skin,  all the weapons skins for orochi 4 packs, will not be compatible with the optional files at some point once i add more. so there's no need to have all the weapons skins if your not planning on using them all at the same time
  5. if you have the meshes/textures of a weapon from another game or know where I can download it , then provide the file and ill try to put it in NIOH
  6. Dont work with DLSS on

Unfortunately -

  • Rifles will not have any skins due to errors with blender for nioh2.

Regarding Orochi 4 Skins
comes in packs - remove any you dont want
  • 5 axe skins
  • 3 sickle skins atm
  • 4 spear skins atm
  • 3 Sword skin atm
  • 3 dual swords atm
  • 3 hatchets skins
  • any weapon that have LVL in the picture is related to orochi or dw9

more options from Orochi 4 can be found here - may conflict with mine if its the same weapon
More Orochi weapons by Kojiro1234541

If you own or had the Orochi 4 at some point let me know what weapons you would like to see transferred over. I will add weapons randomly if not anyway,I can also recolor/change size of them if asked

Regarding onimusha 3 skins
  • 4-5 swords skins atm
  • one dual swords skin
  • one odachi skin
  • 2 spear skins
  • one axe and hatchet skins
  • the arm orb for males
  • will add the rest of his weapons with each lvl (1,2,3)  to nioh's weapon types
  • his gauntlet is available for males atm
  • will be separate from orochi's 4 packs
  • will be in optional section

Regarding Soul Calibur 6
  • Like orochi, many things can be transferred over, Weapons and outfits to some degree (don't have all dlc's though)
  • 3-4 odachi skins atm
  • just one spear skin - KIlik's red staff (replaces training wood spear)
  • Just one axe skin - Astoroth P2 axe
  • Just one tonfas skin - Talim's Syi Salika & Loka Luha
  • just one hatchets skin - taki's kris
  • will be separate from orochi's 4 packs
  • will be in optional section


Regarding Sekiro
  • only one sword and odachi version of the Mortal blade
  • do not own the game , require weapons files elsewhere or provide a download page


Regarding Dynasty warriors 9
  • may merge with orochi packs
  • variety of weapons packs

  • saw spear - switch glaive - replaces iron switchglaive
Improved re-textures for certain weapons from here
by  madao112


minor issues -
  1. Some weapons share the same models in Nioh2 as a result two weapons may have these skins but one of the two may be abit off. If so let me know which weapon it is so i can fix the other(or replace it with the skin also)
  2. some weapons may pop-in and out when close up with the camera in non-camera mode
  3. I recommend hiding your weapons (game settings). as stated above

My discord is : SnanSGaiiaG#6829 , let me know if you have any questions or files for me to download, or any ideas of mods you like to see that i can help with

- if for any reason you would like to donate -

1. You will have to install the MOD Enabler Located here  Nioh 2 Mod Enabler
  • Going along with the instructions on how to enable/activate mod use etc

Like many mods before this one it requires you to just place it in into Nioh 2 Mod Enabler's Mod folder which would be located in your NIOH 2 game is installed.
  1. With the Nioh 2 Mode Enabler activated on startup or in game, press  F10 to refresh the mods and it should work,
  2. Choose one of the files and then drop it in your MOD folder

Uninstall -
Just rename and Type DISABLED next to the mods folder name or better yet just delete the folder. Should cause no harm/damage