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1. Increased Damage/DelimbĀ 
2. Increased Ninpo Meter Gain
3. Decreased Cicada Surge Ninpo Requirement
4. Removes Red Tint On Low HP

And some other misc unfinished work

Planned changes that will come after NGS2 Black Warrior and Mentor support is finished

1. NG2 -> BoTA restore (can currently use by activating p anim handler script)

2. NG3 Flying Swallow Insta Kill on BLOODIED enemies only and excluding certain enemy types for balance reasons (mages, bosses, and bug enemy types)

3. Fine tune adjustment of damage/delimb and scaling based on enemy type and difficulty

4. Modified spawns (mainly to reduce rocket spams and clean up some spots)

5. Bloom removal

6. Unmasked Ryu outfit and the ability to equip unknown Ninja outfits

7. Custom and hidden movesĀ 

8. Optional toggle to change bloody UT activation from automatic to manual

9. Build your own custom trials - maybe

10. Toggle to restore trial bosses HP values back to OG NGRE

11. Heartbeat sound removal on low HP

12. Kasumi Cicada Surge properties applying to Ryu (projectile)