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This will fix the lead in music with two of the FMV cutscenes in the game and add some additions to two others.

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Update 1.01:
  1. Desaturated the Intro FMV some and slightly adjusted the coloring to try and match it as close as possible to it's proper colors (The oversaturation and off coloring happens when ripping NGB or NG04 files to PC, I'm not sure why).
  2. Adjusted the tracks for the final boss and Alma fight.
  3. Both tracks should transition seamlessly with the cutscene.
  4. The volume has been adjusted with both tracks to make it as close as possible with the cutscene volume.
  5. Both tracks will now loop perfectly when played to the end.

Intro FMV: Changed the intro cutscene to use the one from Black, it is still in 16:9 format, but I personally think it isn't as faded and the colors are a bit better.

Doku Encounter FMV: Added back the Doku fight FMV at the end of chapter 2. It is a bit redundant, but I always liked this cutscene. It will transition directly to the falcon cutscene.

Alma first encounter FMV: Fixed the lead in music to be the correct version from sigma

Final Boss FMV: Fixed the lead in music to be the correct version from sigma

I also included the music that plays during the final boss with a 100% volume increase, as I thought it was way to quiet when transitioning from the cutscene.

Whatever your preference, you can exclude out which cutscenes you don't want. 

  1. This will not fix the overall lag of the cutscenes in game.
  2. The quality is exactly the same as what is currently in game, excluding the intro cutscene

Copy all the files inside the included movie and bgm folders and place them in the movie and bgm folders where your game is installed.
Example install location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\[NINJA GAIDEN Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ\databin\movie

  1. If you play with subtitles on and are using the restored Doku fight FMV "Subtitle Dummy Data" will be displayed twice during Kureha's death.

Credits: Thanks to daedrixxx2 for his suggestion of how to convert these to WMV