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Combines the collective community efforts of making a working ultra-wide (and narrower i.e. Steam Deck) solution into an easy-to-use AIO package.

Permissions and credits
NieR Replicant Ultra-Wide (3DMigoto, ReShade, SpecialK)


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This tool is based off of the Nier Replicant Ultrawide Patcher: Developed by PineappleIOnic, and the collective work of the community. Credits below.


- Patcher expanded to include all aspect ratios based on the WSGF common values list.
- Downloads 3Dmigoto (v1.3.16) with the shader fixes for custom aspect ratios.
- Downloads SpecialK (v24.3.29.1)
- Downloads ReShade (v4.9.1) - don't update this.
- Comes configured for all 3 tools to play nice together.

Automatic Install

- Ensure your internet connection is active.

1. Download the latest release from the Files tab.
2. Extract the contents of the zip file to the game directory.
3. Run 'nier_ultrawide_aio.exe' and select your monitor's aspect ratio.
4. Wait for the patcher to finish, then close it.
5. Run the game via Steam like normal. You should get a few Special K notifications, and the usual ReShade messages on the top left, and no stretching occurring.


- Be careful with other 3Dmigoto mods, as they can overwrite shader files needed for the fix.
- Don't update ReShade; it will stop working.
- Hasn't been tested with narrower than 16:9 aspect ratios.

Manual Install (and Source)



- u/helifax19 for the original method employed in the patcher below.
- Nier Replicant Ultrawide Patcher: Developed by
- Special K: Created by Kaldaien. Special K's website.
- Replicant's Little Helper: Put together by Merle / MerleWasTaken and available on Nexus Mods.
- ReShade: Created by Crosire @ ReShade.me
- 3Dmigot: Created by Chiri and maintained by bo3b @ 3dmigoto
Fappyke!: for testing for me!