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Like my other presets I designed this to naturalize the game's color scheme as well as enhance the lighting and contrast effects. This one's just a little intensive (ok I lied it is extremely intensive) so use at your own discretion. I haven't completed the game yet so I haven't tested this everywhere - may update in the future

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Basically I thought Replicant looked a little washed out so my first priority was to clear it up a bit and bring out a wider, more natural range of colors (particularly rich and warm colors). In addition I also thought the lighting looked pretty static so I adjusted the black/white values and added a bloom backlight for a little adaptation. For cinematic atmosphere I also added some neato lens and bloom effects for bright areas. Needless to say this preset is far from frugal and will likely test your graphics card quite a bit. I have a 2070S and while I don't suffer much actual frame loss it does significantly raise demand on my GPU so it's not for the faint of heart

IMPORTANT: When you apply this preset you'll need to adjust your in-game brightness setting up to the second-from-last option. Otherwise it'll be way too dark and you'll say Rosy what the heck did you do to my game why did you ruin my life you stupid rat. But it won't be my fault, nothing is because I'm the best

Also if you notice the shadows re-aligning themselves don't be alarmed, just let it do its thing I guess. I don't know that there's a way to fix that but I'll see what I can do, maybe. And if you don't like letterboxes (maybe you find them a little kitsch), you can just press Home and untick the 'border' effect. Same with the lens fx but I would say those are a little more essential. I've included my shaders folder as well so regardless of your version you should have everything you need and more

If you encounter an area or effect that causes a bug or other strange reaction with my preset feel free to let me know, like I said I haven't completed the game yet so I haven't had the chance to check out each area

If the screen looks too fuzzy or blurry, try disabling HQ4X. I used it to smooth out jagged lines/edges but I run at 1440 so it might be too much blurring for lower res monitors