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This save file has every missable item from Part 1 obtained, namely Yonah's Letters and all Tutorials. All Side Quests are also completed and all Weapons collected. Words from Part 1 can all be obtained after the Part 2 Side Quest "The Magical Stone."

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I've found that, when wanting to run back through the game, the most tedious aspect of Nier Replicant is Part 1, especially if you're a completionist and care to collect everything possible in the game, as many of the Tutorials and Yonah's Letters are only available for a short time. Since I went through the trouble to collect them all, I figured I'd share my save so other people can benefit. 

  • All Part 1 Weapons collected (and upgraded, where possible) 
  • All Part 1 Side Quests completed
  • All Yonah's Letters collected
  • All Tutorials collected

Note that I've done a bit of Cheat Engine stuff to obtain relatively unobtrusive weapon materials, rather than grinding them out in Part 1, but nothing you shouldn't be able to get during that part of the game other than Damascus Steel, since that's ONLY used for weapon forging. I can add a version with all weapon materials if desired but there's a Cheat Engine table on Nexus for that as well. 

Also note that this does NOT address any missables from Part 2, including: 
  • Missable Words from before the Route B-D start point (there are 12 words that cannot be re-attempted on future playthroughs and one tied to a Side Quest which can't be repeated) 
  • Missable Tutorials 

I may upload a second save file which has obtained these missables in future; this is my first upload on Nexus so hopefully it's helpful.