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Fixes some questionable effects via 3DMigoto.
Gets rid of pseudo-TAA, blur when rolling, mitigates player hair/fur transparency dithering and adds bindable HUD Toggle and large minimap mode.

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This mod replaces/removes/improves some questionable visual effects in the game.

Currently modified effects:
  • Removed "pseudo TAA" - The game basically accumulates last couple of full frames and blends them together without any logic that would actually make it anti aliasing (edge detection, discarding, etc.)
  • Removed "feedback blur" - overlaying last frame over current frame, most noticeable when rolling.
  • Mitigated dithering on player transparencies - this is not a perfect solution, however it is vastly preferable.
  • Added key bindable UI Toggle and "large minimap" mode (F1/F2 keys respectively) - Currently not working if Special K is injected.

This mod does require 3D Migoto to work (tested with version 1.3.16)!

To install simply extract contents of the .zip file over existing 3D Migoto installation in the main game folder.

If You're already using another 3D Migoto based mod, then just modify / add those sections to your existing d3dx.ini:
global $HUD = 0.0
x = 0.0

Key = VK_F1
type = toggle
$HUD = 1.0

Key = VK_F2
type = toggle
x = 1.0

hash = 0a2c2125f4a421a5
if $HUD == 1
handling = skip