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About this mod

This mod allows you to select any character you wish (even Papa or Kaine) directly from the beginning. Also starting from version 1.2 you are able to manage custom sound packs for the game.
Unfortunately cutscenes are not affected now. Please, read detailed description before download!

Permissions and credits
Papa Nier launcher:
0.This is game launcher now and you can launch Nier through it just with pressing one button. Requires steam running at this moment and be installed into game directory.
1. During every game launch with this mod the model in main campaign is permanently changed for this game session
2. This is not model override. Player model has corresponding own animations and skins.
3. You can play as (since v.1.1 update):
  • Father Nier
  • Young Brother Nier
  • Adult Brother Nier
  • Prologue Nier
  • Kaine (!)
4. If you selected skin in your wardrobe for boy/adult nier or kaine - this skin is ALSO applied to your hero. 3. Should work just out of box. Does not required any game progress to work.
5. Does not affect cutscenes
6. Does not affecting your save data. But playing as Kaine can remove all your consumables, so i am not recommending you to save as Kaine.
7. Starting from version v1.2 you can select custom sound packs.
8. Launcher saves in own config your last character and selected sound pack.

How to use (GUIDE FOR v1.2):
1. Download and extract archive to the GAME DIRECTORY. Launcher requires to be extracted into game folder. PapaNier folder must be in game directory.
2. Launch PapaNier.exe.
3. Select hero you want to play
4. Select preferred sound pack. Original sound pack is always on the list, this is stock unmodified game sounds. On the first game launch it will make a backup for all original game sound data.
5. Press Launch (be sure you running steam at this moment). This will launch the game and apply all options.
5.1. Or if you launched game first "Launch" button is replaced with "Inject" button, this order of launch also works.
6. After game launches you must hear short and loud beep. If you heard it - everything goes fine. Otherwise you will get an error if you did something wrong.
7. Just load any save or start new game and you will see your selected hero.

Short guide: Launch PapaNier.exe, select character, press "Launch", enjoy the game.

About sound packs:
Starting from launcher version v1.2 you can use custom sound packs now. After installing PapaNier launcher go to the (YourGameFolder)/PapaNier/SoundPacks folder. Here you can install custom sound packs. For example PapaNierVoice mod made by me. Link:
In this folder should be other folders, every folder represents individual sound pack. Inside of this folder will be custom pck files. Launcher allows to easily switch between sound packs and remembers your latest pack. Also you can make your own soundpack and use it with this launcher.

About heroes (v.1.1 update):

1. Father Nier -
has all own unique animations, attack voice sounds. Everything works fine for both game act1 and 2.
2. Young Brother Nier - all two handed sword animations and spear animations looking same as one handed sword. Can use yorha skin from wardrobe. If you want yorha skin in act2 - enable this skin also for adult Nier in menu.
3. Adult Brother Nier  - has all own unique animations, attack voice sounds. Everything works fine for both game act1 and 2. Can use yorha skin from wardrobe. If you want yorha skin in act1 - enable this skin also for young Nier in menu.
4. Prologue Brother Nier - he has animations for two handed swords and spears, but they might look a little buggy. Not using skins.
5. Kaine - yes, she is playable. She has unique animation set for all weapons and actions. Also she has her voice in combat. Can use skins from wardrobe. But warning, some game events/mechanics can be bugged. Kaine is experimental character, don't try to beat the game or save as Kaine.

2023 Update: Now it should work properly again.

Known issues:
1. In some very rare cases (only on the on first load after game launches) you may be not loaded as selected hero. Just trigger loading zone or reload save.

Please, if you downloaded, tried and enjoyed - click Endorse to thank :)