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Package to get 3Dmigoto and ReShade working alongside SK with a single drag and drop.

Permissions and credits
Prepared .zip archive to get 3Dmigoto mods like PS4 Buttons and the Ultrawide Fix working alongside ReShade and Special K.


Special K
is required for this.
1. Download it from in #nightly-builds
2. Follow the instructions on to get it working correctly.

It is required that you use a local-install with Special K as dxgi.dll.

There shouldn't be any mods besides Special K in your Nier:Replicant folder while setting this up.


After you have confirmed that your game starts with Special K installed:
Extract the content this .zip into your Nier:Replicant folder
\steamapps\common\NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139

Mods/ReShade Install:
All standard folders are in place, follow the provided instructions like normal.

Widescreen Mod:
Since 3DMigoto is already setup and ready, all you need from the mod are the 2 .txt files in /ShaderFixes/

PS4 Buttons:
Use the ones linked here:

The required configurations will be made automatically once you launch the game.

Remove the files again!
Sorry, no uninstaller for this.

Special Thanks:

Kaldaien: Thanks for Special K and the time you invest into it, PC gaming wouldn't be the same without it.

My Testers and Helpers: Aemony, Petra and SufferCat Thanks to all of you for your help in getting this to work.