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  • A New Pretty Pod Is Here

    I have put together another modification of the pod textures, specifically for pod 042! I will keep adding different skins for pod 042 in the future! ...

  • Pretty Pod 153

    I am going to try to keep updating this mod with new skins every so often, so stay tuned for more pretty pod 153!...

  • Exploring Automata Modding

    I'm surely new to this scene, but that doesn't mean I can't throw something cool & subtle together like this! I'll keep learning and see what I can bring to the game! Thanks especially to the nier automata modding discord server/community!!!
    - iniGlowee...

  • For You To Enjoy

    9,999,999G For You To Enjoy!...

  • Automata downgrade-upgrade guide

    Upgrading DLC depots to 2021 versions (Steam downgrades DLC to 2017 version, replacing updated 2021 files)

    It's been found that the 2021 update was meant to update the DLC packages too, but due to depot issues Steam overwrites the DLC with the older 2017 versions.

    If you want to use the latest 2021 files, open your Steam library, right click NieR:Automata, open Properties, select the DLC tab, then uncheck all of the DLC listed there (besides the wallpaper set, if you have it).

    Now select the "Local files" tab, and choose "Verify integrity of game files...", this'll take a little while, but once it's finished verifying Steam should start downloading the updated 2021 DLC files. 

    Normally the game would disable the DLCs in-game if you had them ...

  • The creation of A2 Always Long Hair

    It's not a bug, it's a feature
    Those are the words that were uttered by some genius, some time, probably. And it's also the source of the A2 Always Long Hair mod.

    I was working on an A2 outfit mod when I was inspired by the fact that A2 has the option to switch between two different hairstyles using her wig item. I thought this could be a great opportunity to experiment with custom hairstyles in the wig slot while keeping the standard hairstyle in the default slot. This turned out to be harder than expected though, for two reasons.

    First off, the hair meshes aren't saved in separate files like I was expecting, and it took me a while to find the correct models because of that. A2's full-body model has long hair (selected by the wig), while the default short ha...

  • AI Upscaling to 4K

    Well, I decided to make an Interpolated 60fps version at 4K using Gigapixel, it take a while...
    I need co-workers to do this job, only the scale to 4K will take more than 10 days with my Nvidia GTX 1060, becasue every 10 mb take about 7 min to scale.
    Do you join? Send me a PM...


    Today, I upload the vids for the game, Nier Automata interpolated at 60 fps at high quality with Vidsquish 1.0.3.

    It took my a day to complete the file conversion so, in order to not miss this work and share it, I publish it here. 

    Just overwrite the folder at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NieRAutomata\data or similar


    All credits to Lulech23 from

  • 2B Snow outfit

    paste the 2 files here
    \NieR - Automata\Far_res\inject\textures...