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A celebratory Christmas hat for 2B and 2020!

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This one was a rush as I wanted to get it out before Christmas. Unfortunately, as I type this there is only 3 mins left until Christmas. This mod works on A2 as well except it will look strange and it was made to suit 2B's hair, and is shifted a lot to avoid hair clipping (damn 2B's hair). You will also notice 2B's hair clipping through the hat sometimes, this can't be fixed unless I merge the hat to her character itself (in which it can't be removed).

It was sculpted by me in Blender and then textured with Substance Painter

I will release an A2 version, as well as a 9S version! (seriously I haven't tested it on 9S but it REALLY shouldn't fit him)

The cover image is a render I did to showcase a higher quality version of the hat. The clothing can be achieved with my other mod, Colors for 2B

This mod replaces emil's head item, so make sure to equip it !
there are two items: emil's head and emil's mask (emil's head is the item you want).\

Installation instructions:

1. Download the mod

2. Go to your game's directory \NieR - Automata\data\et (if you don't know your game's directory, you can right click on the icon, then click "open file location)

3. Unzip the folder in here (create an et folder if you don't have one)

4. Play the game (equip Emil's head item)