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Replaces the Type-3 Sword with the Scissor Blade from Kill la Kill

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Ryūko owns the red half of the Scissor Blade. The crescent-shaped hilt can extend into a longer two handed sword, known as Decapitation Mode. Ryūko's signature finishing move is Fiber Lost (戦維喪失 Sen'i Sōshitsu), a long-range forward thrust that completely destroys a Goku Uniform, allowing her to absorb it’s Life Fibers.

The red Scissor Blade also displays the ability to change its size, going from a weapon that is nearly as tall as Ryūko to a trinket barely any larger than a normal set of scissors. Ryūko usually keeps the blade in its smaller form when not in a combat situation, but also owns a metal guitar case to carry her weapon around

I finished Kill la Kill like 2 weeks ago and thought this idea was cool. I would add the second part of the scissors if I could find a proper model online. I don't feel like modelling it lmao. I didn't model this one, it comes from Saberin on SketchFab. I however, remade the textures in Substance.

I didn't have time to take some great pics, but if anyone wants to submit some, I can update them on my end to display on the main page.

edit: shit, i just saw the other half of the scissor blade online, and it looks like a good import.

edit 2: I uploaded the sword's orientation the wrong way as pointed out by TheRealDLH, so I made a quick fix for it. The sword is also slightly bigger (barely). It's available as an updated segment.

Installation instructions:

1. Download the mod (unfortunately)

2. Go to your game's directory \NieR - Automata\data\wp (if you don't know your game's directory, you can right click on the icon, then click "open file location)

3. Unzip the folder in here (create a wp folder if you don't have one)

4. Play the game :) (equip Type-3 sword)