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Do u love the Opera Boss fight? What about changing it to NG+ like experience. Well this mod does it for u.!

Permissions and credits


Endgame Mod to fight again the Opera Boss in a more epic version

  • Edited Level, HP, Defence, Attack
  • Changed Hacking Versions
  • Edited 3 more Enemy Spawn Rounds
  • Edited different Voice Lines on every Round
  • Edited the Opera hacking game to a Virus infection
  • Opera Boss is now the Shade Version of the DLC Special Arena
  • Added secret ending on fail situations
  • This is ONLY FOR 2B... for now !!!

How to Install:

Put the 3 folders in the data folder of ur NieR: Automata path

This mod should only affect the complete Opera Boss fight and don't interact with the normal game.
(Except 4 Hacking games that would have voice lines in it)


  • Don't use this mod with 9S (for now)
  • This Version was tested with these Chip Build: 
  • Weapon Attack +8
  • Shockwave +8
  • Taunt +8
  • Crit Strike +8
  • Offensive Heal +8
  • Counter
  • This mod was not tested without having the DLC atm.

Special thanks to RaiderB who helped me on some situations.
This Mod was mostly Scripted with the Tool: F-SERVO (made by RaiderB)


After u did beat the Mod, the 2B Black/White Filter and the System Interruption UI can't be removed with Script Actions, simply reload after beating it.
Using Cheat Engine or mods thataffect the menu ?!?..makes the hacking game walls without collision.