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Finally, all videos uploaded and 4K Upscaled trough AI Proteus v2 6 parameters without and with previously interpolated at 60 fps with Chronos V2.

Overwrite the folder at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NieRAutomata\data\movie or wherever you install your game and see the requirements.

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Thanks to stoker25, who make this happens, we get the medianocheH264, and after few tweaks made by himself, we can create the USM using the H264 codec. The results is a better quality of MPEG-4 against MPEG-1 and low size, even less than original files.

ORIGINAL MPEG-1 1600x900 at 35 mbps 24.0 GB
UPSCALED MPEG-1 4K at 40 mbps 45.6GB
UPSCALED MPEG-4 4K at 25 mbps 16.6 GB

Thanks to wmg317, we notice an update of Topaz habilities to upscale using Proteus V6, even found than the original 2017 videos files were in better quality (around 10Mbps more) than the 2021 patch, and a new tool to interpolation, Chronos give us a better result at 60 FPS interpolation.
With all of this we test several configuration before start the upscale project and find a huge improve if we first do the interpolation and then upscale it.
The result was this project, packet with 40Mbps MPEG-1, we didn't notice and quality improvement selected beyond that ciffer and give us a contained end file size.

Extract the Part 1 through part 3 into the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\NieRAutomata\data\movies or wherever you installed your game, download the optional file (LodMod.ini inside the movie folder) and you will need to use "Automata-LodMod" to make this mod work (just extract Automata-LodMod wherever you have your NierAutomata.exe).

Special thanks to the team who helped me to do this job:

To @silencer711 who was the first one to want this update and @stoker25 who made 4K cutscenes posible in NieR Automata.
Thanks to Lucas Chasteen for his job with Vidsquish, who inspired me to begin this trip.

Built on FFmpeg, utf_tab, MPEG Sofdec, CRI Movie.

Recommended to backup your own files first.