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2P arrives in NieR: Automata!

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2P: the Mock Machine

This mod retextures 2B into 2P, with 4 different versions available, for customization.

2P's sword in NieR: Reincarnation, the Mock Type-4O Sword, is also in this mod.
It retextures the Type-4O Sword.  

Download '9P' here


I've put all the information you need in a presentation format, going through the images will let you know all the changes about this texture mod.

version 1.1 - Updates

New HQ normal map (1K) for 2P's Hair and Feathers
The Heavy Armor is redone, it looks cleaner now.

See the new images for all the info.

version 1.2 - Updates

2P - Soulcalibur out now
Added a Mock 4O to Ancient Overlord replacer, you can dualwield if you want to

See the new images for all the info.


I've put all the instructions in the readme text files.

If you have any queries or help with the installation, you can contact me directly through Discord.



Let me know if you encounter any problems while using this mod. Enjoy!


  • Otis_Inf for the NieR: Automata Camera Tools
  • Woeful_Wolf for the NieR2Blender/Blender2NieR tools. -
  • Creators of the CriPak tool. 
  • Martin for the 2B Hook mod.
  • NieR: Automata Modding Community for the various resources and tools. 
  • Platinum Games
  • Yoko Taro