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This sword mod replaces 2B's Virtuous Contract with The Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda series. It uses the model from Breath of the Wild, which you can see without Cell Shading.

Permissions and credits
"The Master Sword (マスターソード Masutā Sōdo?), also known as the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Sword of Time and the Sword of Resurrection, is a recurring sword in the Legend of Zelda series. It is imbued with the power to vanquish evil. In many games, it is said to be the only sword capable of defeating the malevolent Ganon (Ganondorf, depending on the game) when he has the Triforce of Power."

This iconic weapon is finally in the game, a little idea I've had for a while. This is a port from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Please note, this is the first version of the sword and depending on what people think (and if I have the time), updates may be released.

This mod would not be possible without Woeful's modding tools & the help of the amazing NieR Automata Modding Discord: (please join it gets lonely sometimes :/ )

Big credits to my children (who are lightyears more experienced than me):

Installation instructions:

1. Download the mod (unfortunately)

2. Go to your game's directory \NieR - Automata\data\wp (if you don't know your game's directory, you can right click on the icon, then click "open file location)

3. Unzip the folder in here (create a wp folder if you don't have one)

4. Play the game :)

Mini Showcase Here
(I wouldn't rely on this video for representation because of the horrible bitrate)

Lastly: I probably won't take the request of everyone, so just consider that I don't have years to spend on these mods & I'm not amazing at this (I am getting better).

I'm working on some cool other projects as well but as for this mod, I plan to potentially:
1. Make the handle a bit brighter (more colorful)
2. Maybe make the metal glow (like it does in skyward sword or breath of the wild)
3. Make the metal more reflective or less rough.

Join the discord ^^^ :)