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An attempt to boost Automata's performance for low end systems. Does not include some of the tree models, but it can increase FPS by around 8 or 10

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Install: yeet the bg folder into \NieRAutomata\data folder

You can inststall "High Performance Grass" over the "Optimized" to maximize the performance.


08.18.2022: Updated "High Performance Grass" to V2. It now features 3 LoD (level of detail) state instead of 2. This will allow grass in the distance to render properly.

10.02.2022: Updated "High Performance Grass" to V3. It is now more accurate to vanilla one in terms of scale and it now blends better with the terrain, reducing the visual impact of pop-ins. V2 is still available at the bottom of the files list in case if you prefer the look of that.

10.05.2022: (Hotfix) Updated "High Performance Grass" to V3.2. Further tweaked the texture and mesh to make it more closer to the size of the vanilla grass. Nothing major, just minimal changes.

10.06.2022: Added a new grass model from Nintendo Switch version; "End of YoRHa Edition". Model is ripped by EM4V2.

11.01.2022: Updated "High Performance Grass" to V3.3 to fix some floating grass issues. V3.2 is still available at the bottom of the files list.

11.20.2022: Updated "Grass Model From End of YoRHa Edition" to v2. Removed some redundant "handheld mode" foliage models (duplicates).
And also updated "High Performance Grass" to V3.4, to fix some more of the "floating grass" issues.