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A mod which replaces the Beastbane weapon model with that of Zero's Blade from Drakengard 3.

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The sword used by the First Intoner, Lady Zero. Made from pure dragonfang, it is the only weapon capable of killing another Intoner. Obtained by Accord after the 6 Intoners were sealed, she gave it to her trusty apprentice when returning back to her real timeline.

The first ever custom model mod for NieR:Automata. A port of Zero's Blade from Drakengard 3.

Obtaining The Weapon:
This mod replaces the Beastbane weapon. The Beastbane is a small sword that can be bought at the Resistance Camp Weapons Trader.

FAR (Fix Automata Resolution)  AKA SpecialK
(A version not requiring FAR might be added in the future.)

Simply drag and drop the mod's folders into your NieR:Automata install directory and confirm if asked to merge (This is where the NieRAutomata.exe is located).

About The Mod:
This mod is only the first of many and thus was no easy task. A little over a month ago, there had been no way to create custom WMB Models (the format Platinum uses for NieR:Automata), no public exporter/converter existed (in the English community at least). After spending over a month of programming in Python, a functional plugin was written for Blender 2.8 that could export a binary structure matching that of a WMB model file. Everything is still very early but I am hoping to release this plugin to the public in the future.

The Tools:

WMB Exporter - Woeful_Wolf
Model and Textures - Kekoulis
Shader Help - delle

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