NieR: Automata
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Fresh start with all weapon(lv.1) and cosmetics savefile

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Fresh start save with all weapon unlocked (all unupgraded) and all cosmetics.
It starts right after prologue. (made it to start from prologue, and it kept break the game, so no prologue)

Copy "SlotData_2.dat" to "Documents\My Games\NieR_Automata"
*caution : it is third savefile, so if you already have third savefile it will overwrite it.

*before start the save check setting and control.

update : added a version 
+ all pod program
+ pod B (laser)  - (couldn't find a way to add pod c, but pod c is easy to get)
+ Quality Sachet 

(I played the whole game and collected the whole item, and restarted from beginning to play with all my new toys, but the game was too easy even on hard mode  except for the airplane mode the whole game was too easy... also quests were all done so gameplay was also too minimal)

p.s. i wanna play as A2 from beginning, so edited the save to play as A2, but bit after because A2 doesn't spawn with 'pod' can't progress anymore due to quest trigger. 2B to A2 mods are kinda buggy, and can't use A2 specials. does anyone know how to spawn the pod (with CE) or any other method to play as A2 from beginning? plz let me know. thanks.