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The definitive overhaul mod that adds the beloved Divergent Sister Zero from Re:Incarnation in NieR:Automata.

Permissions and credits
A complete overhaul collaboration mod with the modder nyori_oli that aims to bring the fan favourite Intoner Zero black dress skin from Nier Re:Incarnation to Nier:Automata.
This has only been made to support Steam + DLC versions of the
Please note that this mod replaces 2B with Zero and Pod 042 with Mikhail from Re:Incarnation.To get her Black Flower Sword, kindly visit nyori_oli's mod page.
If you want actual Zero mod, you can find it here.
As of 1.2, the Divergent Sister mod has received a massive rework, with improvements to both the model and the textures, with no less thanks to the contributions of nyori_oli! \o/

  • Download the mod.
  • Navigate to your NieRAutomata game directory (\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\NieRAutomata\).
  • Unzip to this directory (merge the \data\ folders).
  • Venerate Lady Zero once again and remember to pet Mikhail!

  • To uninstall, simply remove the pl000d.dat and pl000d.dtt files in \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\NieRAutomata\data\pl\ and wp3000.dat and wp3000.dtt in \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\NieRAutomata\data\wp\.

(Please read them first before download and/or posting.)

Does this mod require FAR?


Is Zero's Black Sword from Re:Incarnation included?
No but you can download nyori_olii's mod, as part of this collaboration here.

How do I fix my game not loading with a white error message box?!
Get the File Size Limit Patch from here, on Nexus.

Will you also port Zero's regular outfit from Re:Incarnation as well?
No but
you can check out my Intoner Zero mod here.
Actually, we have a neat surprise here. ;)

Will you port anyone else to replace 9S?
9S is Zero's new Disciple now.And whatever else this entrails. wink wink (Probably yes, I may cook up something in the future.)

Does this mod support XXXX?
It should unless the other mod also replaces
pl000d files or edits 2B's textures.

Does this mod support the DLC costume or the Heavy Armour?
Not at all.The aim was the Black Dress after all.But the Flower is optional(disabled if you have the camo blindfold enabled).
As of 1.2, it now does.

Why not full skirt support like 2B's or do X thing about the rig?
That was my initial aim but given
the limited rig of 2B's along with her rather (in)famous animations and the way the skirt is modelled, I had to compromise for the best outcome in my opinion. Should custom rig support be added for modding, I will grandly revisit it. Same applies for the animations. 2B's animations are not possible to be edited at this point, so what you see is from the base game regarding that. Same counts about the physics of 2B's hair. Not possible atm to port over the physics from A2's long hair in a satisfactory and non-glitchy way. I do hope however this will not move you away from trying out and playing the mod. ;3

Can you mod her voice lines?
I would love to but not possible modding wise.

No nude version when self-destructing?!
No need every mod to be a sex mod to be enjoyed per se.
But if you really want to see Zero naked, check out the aforementioned Intoner Zero mod. But not before Mikhail's eyes please.

Do you accept requests?
Most likely not anymore. Must be really special and within my powers.

Can I edit your mod or use it in mine or make an addon for it?
Only with my explicit permission
. Same applies for
nyori_oli's work.

What should I do if I encounter issues that need to be fixed?
Post or contact me directly here but I may not reply immediately.This does not mean I do not read what you guys post. ;)
Please be mindful, feedback that is rude or is already answered here in the notes will be ignored.NieR:Automata modding is rather hard and limited and thus takes a lot of time and effort.Kindly respect that.

As always, many thanks to the NieR:A Modding Community for existing I suppose.
But a true major thank you goes to nyori_oli who made me return for this mod and motivated me to finally finish it after so long.
I hope you guys will enjoy it. :D