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Replaces the Type-3 Blade.

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Is it a bird, or is it a plane? Well, it is a bird... kinda...

Anyways, here is the weapon of one of the beloved characters from the show RWBY. The character is Qrow Branwen, a fighter (huntsman) cursed with perpetual bad luck, a drunkard, the honorary uncle of the main character of the show, and the husband material of many of the show fans (don't ask, not even I know why).

Anyways, this is his weapon, named the Harbinger. Normally, this weapon has multiple modes, such as a scythe, shotgun, and tonfa, but sadly there is very little room in the game engine to allow for these weapon transformations. It replaces the Type-3 Blade, so it may be a nice mod if you happen to dislike such weapon.

Main Installation (NAMH)

Download NAMH and follow the written instructions.
Then load the file inside the NAMH copy of this mod into the mod loader.
Main Installation (manual)

To install the mod, you can just extract and copy the first directory (data) from the manual install copy of the mod in the zip to the game directory (NieRAutomata).

Or you can copy the two files (wp0250.dat and wp0250.dtt) to data\wp (create the wp directory if it does not exist)
Weapon Menu Texture (optional - manual)

You can also have the game show the correct image when you are looking at the weapon selection screen.

In order to do so, you need Special K and run the game the first time with it installed (and running, in case you are using Global Injector).

Then extract and copy the first directory from the manual install copy of the mod into the correct directory:

SpecialK (local)

SpecialK (global)
Documents\My Mods\Special K\profiles\NieRAutomata™\SK_Res\

This is my first mod, so a thanks to the modding community at the discord server

And a special thanks has to be offered to DevolasRevenge, Woeful_Wolf, GPUnity, Kekoulis and TheBlueFalcon for helping me learn and figure out some of the nuances involved in making the mod.

The original model for the weapon was made by TzHaar-Ket from Sketchfab