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2B Hook:
A Mod Menu For NieR:Automata

What it does:
2B Hook is a mod menu, which means it has multiple features inside one mod. Here are some of the features:

No Fall Damage
No Enemy Damage
Level Manipulation
Buddy Spawning
Item Spawning
Pod Spawning
Model Scale and Rotation

Permissions and credits
2B Hook:

A Mod Menu For NieR:Automata

What it does:
2B Hook is a mod menu, which means it has multiple features inside one mod. Here are some of the features, and counting:

No Fall Damage
No Enemy Damage
Level Manipulation
Buddy Spawning
Item Spawning
Pod Spawning
Model Scale and Rotation and Tint Manipulation
Model parts color manipulation
Rainbow Hair
No Model gravity
Added Y Position Model Gravity Manipulation
Trace Line 
Skeleton ESP
Bone enumeration (Debug Skeleton)
Protagonist Switching
Duplicate buddy as NPC
NPC, Yorha and enemy entity handle enumeration
Set NPC Follow
Set NPC Idle
Fps Uncapper
Unrestricted Save Names (No Banned Words)
No Tutorial Dialogs
Save Backup
"Ghost Model"
Wireframe (D3D11)
Animation Playback
Sound Playback

NieR:Automata Banned Word List! (Dumped by Me)
https://pastebin.com/ajNZj1e5   - English
https://pastebin.com/RRrwZRjb - Spanish
https://pastebin.com/x0UMs1HW      - Italian
https://pastebin.com/jGr03Y68  - German
https://pastebin.com/dKwzMEiJ- French
https://pastebin.com/sNsaCJSj - Japanese

If you want to help out or contribute contact me (See Below). If it gets enough interest I'll most likely make it open source. Special thanks to Marky for play testing and an a lot of good ideas!

Since this mod is a dynamic link library (DLL) it cannot be used on it's own and needs a DLL injector such as extreme injector or xenos etc... alternatively you can make your own.
Download/Make a DLL injector
Download the 2B Hook DLL here (Choose the latest release build unless you know what you are doing)
Open the injector and select the DLL
Open NieR:Automata (It's probably best to wait until the game is in the main menu. Not doing so could result in undefined behaviour!)

Any crash dumps (.dmp files) are located in the same folder as NieR:Automata. They should be relayed to me (see Contact section) if you want it to get fixed! It might not dump if you close the "NieR:Automata has stopped working" dialog prematurely.

Hotkeys (Customizable via config file)
F6 - Change Player
F3 - Duplicate Buddy As NPC
F7 - Airstuck (Allows you to phase through solid objects & get stuck in mid-air)
F9 - Model Gravity
F10 - Teleport Forward
Insert - Open Menu

Keycodes are in Read Me.txt

[OPTIONAL] Make an official injector/launcher
Add more features of course
Add a config for custom hotkeys [DONE]
Add teleport (to waypoint, poi, or objective and forward)
Add an overlay renderer [In Progress]

Change Log:

Version 0.01:
-Inital Release (Debug build only)

Version 0.02:
-Added the Release version
-Fixed the dependency to load a save file before injecting

Version 0.03:
-Added crashdumps (to help with error reporting). NOTE: It will also make a dump if my mod isn't at fault.

Version 0.04:
-Added the ability to rotate the main character model
-Added the ability to scale the main character model
-Added the "Ghost Model" feature
-Fixed leaking handles on writing a dump file

Version 0.05 (The Panic Fix Update):
-Fixed the "Ghost Model" feature so that it can be applied to more than the localplayer. With this fix came the decision
of unghosting the old camera-focused entity.
-Added custom model tints

Version 0.06:
-Added Buddy spawning feature (2B, A2, 9S)
-Added Buddy destroy feature
-Added Make Buddy (EM, NPC, Yorha) (Experimental)
-Added Duplicate buddy as NPC feature (Hotkey: F3)

Version 0.07:
-Fixed all crashes where the enity pointer would invalidate due to death/save reload etc...
-Fixed weird artifacts pertaining to "Ghost Model"

Version 0.08:

-Fixed a crash where if you opened the menu in a loading/any state where localplayer was invalidated

Version 0.09:
-Added Item Spawning (some items refuse to spawn, hopefully I can fix this later)
-Added Sound playing and emitting
-Added Pod Spawning
-Added No Fall Damage
-Added No Enemy Damage
-Fixed Entity handle enumeration (now more concise and and no null entites)
-Added Custom model part color manipulation (hair color has a odd artifact currently; This will be fixed in later releases!)
-Added An Animation Implementation (First 58 animations, more will be added) 
       NOTE: 27 WILL CRASH YOU FOR SOME REASON this is the one marked "[Access Violation]"

Version 0.10:
-Game will now ignore any keyboard and mouse input when menu is open
-Added player position
-Made the overlay renderer work and added new functionality
-Added create entity log (debug only)
-Fixed a fatal crash that only occurred on windows 7

Version 0.11:
-Added Trace Line with length control
-Added Bone enumeration (Debug Skeleton)
-Added Skeleton ESP
-Added A Configuration System
-Added Rainbow hair
-Added No Model Gravity
-Added Y Position Model Gravity Manipulation
-Unrestricted what save names can be (no banned words)
-Fixed a fatal crash that only occurred on windows 7 (properly this time)
-Fixed a crash due to stack alignment (square root function)
-Corrected distances due to the same square root function

Version 0.12:
-Added a toggle for displaying enemy info
-Fixed speedmeister (speedhack)
-Added keybind vfunc support
-Added a keybind for playing animations and teleport forward 
-Improved the logging system (debug)

I put many hours into developing this mod, from reverse engineering to coding the actual mod. Since school has started I can no longer develop the mod at the same pace as before. By donating, bug reporting, and using the mod you're helping me allocate more time for development. If you wish to support this mod through a donation please see my profile or the top of this page under donations. Your donations are very much appreciated! - Martin


NieR:Automata Modding

Martino#1552 - on discord (probably the best way)

Reddit - (PM or post on the thread) - https://www.reddit.com/r/nier/comments/8w7pf0/nier_automata_custom_modding_tool/

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNFBIKPOX4F3dtNhAx1Y1ew

Logo Credits: Shal. E  - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj1WyLpmoOg5jLIpy84Hh3Q