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  • Silenced Varmint Rifle Sound Overhaul

    The original silenced varmint rifle is TERRIBLE. I've replaced it with something that sounds better and more realistic....

  • It's finally here

    Well, it's finally ready! I've been testing and re-testing it for days now, and Skeletonizer 3.0 is finally up and running.

    I feel pretty confident about this mod, but of course all critiques, bug reports, and comments/suggestions are welcome....

  • Good Lord has it really been over two years

    Well after a long, long, LONG time of procrastination, frustration, and much tooth-gnashery and pulling of hairs, Skeletonizer 2.0 is on the cusp of completion. I was going to post it today, but after doing a quick last-minute playtest with no other needless mods installed, my poor little mod that could was being just a little bit screwy, seeming to activate on some NPCs but not others, or only with headshots. I'm really disappointed but otherwise not surprised; this is half the reason I've been putting off updating this mod for so very long; every step forward is another step back it seems. Still, I feel pretty confident that I'm at the home stretch, I just need to fix this one little bug and hopefully I'll be posting it properly sometime within the next few days.

    In the meant...

  • Mr. house handsome

    The mod delivers a visual transformation for Mr. House, introducing high-resolution textures, These enhancements breathe new life into the character, making him more captivating and visually striking....

  • LJP Article

    man its like 3 i have to write something here uh hope you enjoy the mod and hopefully you aren't like me knowing you got work a 6...

  • Tips for Making a Hologram

    Here's some things I learned making a Holodog

    The .dds texture file needs an alpha channel to determine what will be transparent.
    For Blue, I made a 50% gray mask, and applied it in DXTBmp. The alpha channel can also
    determine how transparent something is. Black is completely transparent, white is opaque, 
    and all levels of gray in between determine the transpareny value

    The transparency of the mesh needs to be changed in nifskope. 
    Here's what I did:
    Open the .nif in nifskope
    Expand 0 NiNode, Scene Root
    Expand the top node under 0 NiNode. For me it was 1 NiTriShape or 1 NiTriStrips
    Expand 3 NiAlphaProperty (if it's not under the top node, work your way down until you find it.
    It applie...

  • AI-Generated Content

    NexusMods and AI-Generated Content:
    I wish to acknowledge Nexus Mods' stance on AI-Generated Content in Modding, which you can read about here: AI-Generated Content in Modding

    Voice Actors and Characters:

    I extend my heartfelt appreciation to the accomplished voice actors who lent their talents to bring the game's characters to life. Should any voice actor have concerns about the inclusion of their work in my mod, I am fully committed to addressing their wishes promptly. If necessary, I am prepared to remove the mod and eliminate any associated dialogue and files.

    Voices and Roles:
    Jesse Burch - Frankie
    Lora Cain - Arkus
    Avery Kidd Waddel - Bulldozer

    Let's celebrate the enduring impact of these voice actors' pe...

  • Blank ESP

    Literally Just a blank ESP i had to write something here to post this but on a side note
    Which is better chocolate Ice Cream or vanilla Ice Cream...

  • (SPOILERS) Medic Timeline

    2258 (Medic’s DOB - 3/3/2258 01:32 in The Hub)
    Medic is born to two proud parents, who shortly enlist as soldiers in the NCR to support their daughter with the lure of promising paychecks. Medic is babysat by friends of her parents while they are away on tours. While the intentions of her parents were well and good, Medic felt alienated and alone most of her childhood. She never bonded with the people babysitting her as her caregivers would often swap. Medic and her family were always on the move and eventually wound up in the Mojave. Medic’s parents were part of the 3 battalions sent by NCR president Wendell Peterson to the Mojave.

    2269-2270 (Medic’s age - 10/11)
    NCR massacres raider tribes in Owens Lake and the area around Bullhead City under orders of Gene...

  • Strong Back Classic

    Simple mod that didn't already exist. ...

  • Adding New Weapon To The Weapon Animation Sets

    Legend: 1HP (One Handed Pistols), 2HA (Two Handed Automatic), 2HR (Two Handed Rifle), 2HH (Two Handed Handle)

    1HP, 2HH, and grenade animations are global so everything will work automatically. The 2HR animations are not global but it is already scripted in Titans to automatically search for and add lever action rifles (something that I've actually forgotten about). So it's really just 2HA weapons we're looking at. To apply the 2HA animations to a new weapon, it needs to be added to the form list first:


    There are a few different methods to do this. First method is via runner script. This requires JIP NVSE. Create a .txt file in "*MyMod*\nvse\plugins\scripts\" with the name prefix "gr_" (ie, gr_mymod.txt), and add the fo...

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How old is Medic?
    23, nearly 24. Her birthday is 3/3/2258. For other astrology nerds (like me), click the spoiler to see her birth chart.

    What's with her voice?
    Ask her yourself. As for who voiced her, that would be me.

    Can I romance her?
    Yes, in a later update after completing her loyalty quest (not yet implemented).

    Is she gay or straight?
    Nope, she's bi. Any courier can romance her.

    For any other questions - please drop a comment

  • Easter Eggs

    The 5th Element (taxi statue on her desk, meat popsicle references, wrist tattoo, Lee and Lou)
    Anchorman (Brick's name and a conversation with Veronica)
    Rob Zombie ("Dead I Am The Rat, Feast Upon The Cat" quest named after Dragula song)
    CORPSE (to be implemented quest named after Life Waster song)
    Jake Hill (to be implemented quests named after What Gives? and Dying Lately songs)
    Dr. Awkward ("Finds You Well" quest named after song with same name by the artist)
    Silence of the Lambs (Wild Wasteland encounter if you enter Jimmy's Well)

  • Ideas for upcoming powers or upgrade for existing one .

    For now pariah77 (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/users/21812759) proposed to upgrade the technopath power with 
      - the ability to summon holograms ( done)
      - a boost to the energy weapons skill (done) ...

  • Bugs

    Report any bugs you encounter ....

  • Version 1.6 Now Available

    Version 1.6 is now available on the wiki. If you'd like to get notified immediately of new releases, I also post announcements on Twitter.

    Changes made in this version:

    Added debug option to status checker (Using the console command "set aaaGLOBBabyDebug to 1" will reset all status checker variables, reset the baby's needs to 100, and stop her crying)
    Changed age-up start to a trigger in Doc Mitchell's house instead of relying on detecting a quest stage