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  • Vance's 9mm submachine gun Retexture - Outlaw version


    All credits go to Millenia for creating the overall mesh and textures...

  • Issues

    Leave any bugs or issues here or in comments, and I'll get back to you ASAP....

  • That gun Retexture - Blade runner version

    All Credits are going to Millenia. Her page

    and enjoy....

  • Issues

    Feel free to comment any bugs/issues you've found. I'll get back to you ASAP....

  • Version 1.5 Now Available

    Version 1.5 is now available on the wiki. If you'd like to get notified immediately of new releases, I also post announcements on Twitter.

    Changes made in this version:

    Added a condition to halt all other interactions when selecting a new one, to prevent lockouts (Thanks, PalateSwap!)


  • Jury-Rigging Rework Repair List

    Note: "Refined Metal" is a new craft-only item that you'll unlock the recipe for after taking Jury-Rigging.


    9mm Pistol

    Scrap Metal
    Duct Tape

    9mm SMG

    Scrap Metal
    Duct Tape

    10mm Pistol

    Scrap Metal
    Duct Tape

    10mm SMG

    Scrap Metal
    Duct Tape

    12.7mm Pistol

    Scrap Metal
    Duct Tape

    12.7mm  SMG

    Scrap Metal
    Duct Tape

    .45 Auto Pistol

    Scrap Metal
    Duct Tape

    .45 Auto SMG

    Scrap Metal
    Duct Tape

    Laser Pistol

    Empty Soda Bottle
    Scrap Electronics

    Laser Rifle

    Empty Soda...

  • How to mod Pipboy Sounds

    Just a quick guide for if anyone wants to learn how I made this mod for their own projects.

    With the GECK open and at least the base game's data file loaded:

    - Search "pipboy" in the Object Window and then choose the All category. The engine may freeze/not respond while doing this. Just wait as the editor is likely checking a large amount of files. If Windows asks if you want to close down the program, choose to wait.

    - You should see a list of Sound objects. These control various sound effects the Pipboy does. This list may not exhaustive as Obsidian/Bethesda may have used less conventional names for some sound object like "Pboy" or "PipB" or "Pip-boy" something.

    - Find the sound you want to change and double click it. This will open a new d...

  • Future Ideas

    Hello all.
    Please comment your ideas for future of this mod and more here. Thank you....

  • Abandoned

    if you could not tell This is abandoned. Not for boredom but for the sheer lack of good tutorial video for the coding bits. I'm now more experienced modder but not for this for SKYRIM! if i find some good tutorials for coding in new followers I will comeback but until then this is abandoned and anyone is allowed to make updates to this just let me update permission. ...

  • Wild Wasteland content


    A Wild Wasteland encounter is placed north-east of the Crimson Caravan Company, by the Mole rat ranch.

    The note

    There is a note on the table, which reads:

    I took one sip of this garbage and almost had to vomit my guts out. What the hell’s in this stuff? I paid over three hundred caps on this shit!
    Reminding myself to never buy “rare flavors” from bums ever again.


    Yellow Nuka-Cola

    Yellow Nuka-Cola is a joke item, based on the item found in Fallout: Tactics. It acts as a poison which lightly damages enemies and lowers their DT. Like any other poison in the game, you can apply it to melee weapons. Like other poisons in Tale of Two Wasteland...

  • Version 5.4 Now Available

    Version 5.4 is now available on the wiki. If you'd like to get notified immediately of new releases, I also post announcements on Twitter.

    Changes made in this version:

    Added Atomic Sparkle Cannon (Must be purchased from Dr. Q)
    Added Contagion Grenade
    Added Matter Annihilator (Must be purchased from Dr. Q)
    Added Antimatter Cell ammo type
    Added Home Defense Shotgun
    Added The Piecemaker
    Added Semi-Auto Field Shotgun
    Added The Gong Ringer
    Added The Quiet Storm
    Added Scout Rifle
    Added Pulse Revolver
    Added Pulse Rifle
    Removed Doppelganger Grenade from Demolition Expert perk list
    Changed Precision Shooter's Rifle to be silenced instead of suppressed
    Created new mesh for Stubby Hunting Sho...

  • Mods Patched

    Mods patched (so far) here include:
    New Vegas Killer (someguy2000)
    Mikeburnfire Companions Complete (AgentFuse)
    Saxxons Quest Collection (Saxxon91)
    Wild Card - Open The Lucky 38 (Nehred)
    Desmond Harper Companion (Saxxon91)
    Cyan - Raider Girl RELOADED (adriant1978)
    Mikeburnfire's NPCs and Quests (mikeburnfire)
    Plisken - A Companion Mod (BeheldSpider)
    Sunny Smiles Companion (gurk_meja)
    New Vegas Bounties (someguy2000)
    Cooking In The Sand (Snugginator)...

  • Optional Game Setting Tweaks and Rebalance

    This is a collection of simple tweaks to the formulas that calculate player Hit Pints,Carry Weight, Hardcore Needs (like Starvation, Dehydration and Sleep Deprivation) and the chances of Miss Fortune and the Mysterious Stranger appearing.
    All of this was made possible by lStewieAl’s Tweaks and will only work if that mod is installed. Using Game Setting Tweaks saves 4 plugin slots.

    All the tweaks were designed with the STEP Fallout New Vegas guide in mind. For example, the tweaked Carry Weight formula intends to balance the game around the fact that the player will be using backpacks which provide a Carry Weight bonus. The ini file comprises of 4 sections that tweak the following four different aspects of the game:

    MissFortune and Mysterious Stranger Rebalan...

  • Using lStewieAl's Tweaks to tweak difficulty

    Preconfigured lStewieAl’s ini file: The ini file is preconfigured to best suit the other mods in the guide. Step users are encouraged to further tweak the ini as required. The latest versions of lStewieAl’s Tweaks allow edits to be made from within the game – on the title screen simply select “Settings->Tweaks”. The preconfigured ini includes my thoughts on almost every single tweak. Obviously I cannot go in depth explaining each tweak in detail here, but users that want to tweak the difficulty should consider tweaking the following:
    CustomSkill Points Formula
    o  bModifySkillPointsEarned– setting this to 1 enables the tweak
    o  fPointsPerInt= 0.500000 – number of skill points gained at level up per point of Intelligence. 0.5 is the vanilla v...

  • Step Fallout NV Conflict Resolution Patch Notes

    Conflict Resolution Patch
    NukaCola Quantum, Victory and Quartz patched to use both the recipes added by “Nuka Chemist Plus” and the fixes from YUP
    New headgear from “NCR Trooper Overhaul_beta” patched to use the “sun guard” effect (+1 PER) and work with the “Four Eyes” traits where appropriate
    New headgear from “NCR Trooper Overhaul_beta” patched to use “Sun Guard Headgear Logic Fix” script
    New headgear from "The Legacy of X-13" patched to use Helmet Overlays
    Patch that makes headgear edited by “Sun Guard Headgear Logic Fixes” carry over “Faction Armor Usage Enhancement” and “YUP” edits;
    Patches dumpsters to work with “Ownerless Trash” and “Ammo Ingredients as Loot”
    Companion level cap removed