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  • Cheat Codes

    Stash Organizer has a couple of console commands, which can make your life easier.

    set ESxEnableBenches to 1
    Adds Workbench, Reloading Bench and Campfire to the master container menu.

    set ESxEnableCloud to 1
    Adds "Cloud Storage" to the master container menu. Opens shared storage, accessible from any home. Its contents are also automatically available for crafting. I'm not interested in development of cloud storage for this game (Fallout is not Skyrim), so this is all support for shared storage this mod will get....

  • SurvivalCore v1.06-beta - Doctors Update


    Big update. This contains the heavily requested doctor's treatment feature. Yes, they are actually useful now! Includes other features and fixes. Save compatible for updating. Update your JIP LN NVSE version for this.

    What does this update change?

    Fixed the MCM not showing the correct mod version.
    Fixed illnesses with no duration not being re-applied to reloaded NPCs.
    Fixed a debug message being accidentally shown for one of the MCM options.
    Doctors can now treat your illnesses.
    Added MCM settings to configure the treatment expenses from doctors.
    Added Leukemia as a catchable disease for...

  • Changelog VER 3.46 AND VER 3.45

    Added missing icon to mainfile:
    items_22mm_rounds (Used in FO3)

    Altered these files in mainfile:
    Overhauled: perk_night_person
    overhauled: perk_fortune finder
    Overhauled: Perk_Swift Learner: Credit to Pierluigi Caputo, Charlie and the Fallout 4 NV and Fallout 4 CW Team for the icon! Things that i altered: Light bulb and smoke.
    Overhauled: perk_like father_like son: Credit to Pierluigi Caputo, Charlie and the Fallout 4 NV and Fallout 4 CW Team for the icon! Things that i altered: Light bulb
    Overhauled: nvdlc03apparel_ghost_helmet
    Overhauled: perk_intense training
    Overhauled: apparel_civilhat
    Overhauled: apparel_clownhat
    Overhauled: apparel_native
    Overhauled: apparel_tobar
    Overhauled: items_book

  • Mods that are redundant with Stewie's Tweaks

    I decided it would be a good idea to compile a list of mods that are redundant with lStewieAl's Tweaks. This is by no means a complete list, but I put all the ones I could think of on here with the appropriate setting from Stewie's Tweaks to replace them.

    Items marked with an asterisk (*) means they are a game setting tweak and we have them available as an ini file from our page.

    Redundant esps/esms
    Any mod that makes items weightless - Use bWeightlessItems
    Better Pickup Prompt - Use bBetterPickupPrompt
    Deselect Quests (c16) - Use bDeselectQuests or bCacheQuestAndNoteMenu
    Enhanced Camera Ground Sink Fix - Use bFixEnhancedCameraGroundSinkBug
    Every save manager - Use bImprovedAutoSave
    Faster Sleep Wait (RoyBatty) – Use bFasterSl...

  • Perk and Trait Changes

    Vicious Wastes makes some significant changes to many perks. A general overview of these changes is as follows:

    Extremely weak perks (Junk Rounds, Hunter, Stonewall, Mile in Their Shoes, Infiltrator, Computer Whiz, etc) were brought up to the standards of other perks in their level brackets and/or moved to lower level brackets to make them valuable.
    Perks that clearly outclass their contemporaries (Strong Back, Grunt, Cowboy, Sneering Imperialist, etc) were brought in line
    Perks that affect multiple weapon classes but only required one skill level can now be accessed with either skill (Rapid Reload, Slayer, Super Slam, etc)

    Perks that affect V.A.T.S. accuracy that didn't previously have Perception requirements now do
    Perks that affect dialogue/cha...

  • SurvivalCore v1.05-beta - Perks and Fixes


    Well, this turned out to be quite the hefty update too. Luckily it is save compatible, so long as you are already on version 1.04-beta. This fixes quite a few problems, so its important.

    What does this update change?

    Fixed the damage scale settings not being applied to NPCs properly.
    Fixed a broken script for dirty toilets not giving Cholera risk to the user.
    Fixed the broken perk descriptions not showing the new effects on perks.
    Fixed a bug where the vomit effect would not play for NPCs with radiation poisoning.
    Minor script optimizations.
    Toilet Activator forms will no longer cause full...

  • SurvivalCore v1.04-beta has been released - BIG UPDATE

    This is a big update. Be warned, this update is not save compatible! You will need to start a new game, regardless of whether or not you've already installed the mod. If you don't start a new game, nothing should be very unstable, but there will be leftover variables that can't be freed up which will cause save bloat.

    What does this update change?

    Firstly, NX NVSE is no longer a requirement. All NX functions that were used are now replaced with JIP variants. This is the main reason why this update is not save compatible.

    Various bug fixes.

    NPCs can now suffer from radiation sickness. Yes, you are no longer the only one vulnerable to ...

  • Ver 3.4 Changelog and Thoughts

    Although this update doesn't introduce many new icons, a lot of polish and new details have been added on the existing icons. I've also been working on alignment ever since the previous patch. I want the icons to be correctly aligned and sized and stroked (how thick the lines are), it sounds easy on paper, but it isn't. The issue is that many of the icons are different in how thick the 'lines' are, some other icons are wider than others too and etc. In order to fix this, i had to draw my own Vault Boy, and have him pose in various of ways, and then I'd copy this into some icon and replace the old vault boy with mine. As of this patch, most of the 'Obsidian style' weapons are done, the only thing left is two handed obsidian styled vault boy.

    Another thing that has been worked o...

  • SurvivalCore v1.03-beta has been released

    Version 1.03-beta is here
    Hello bug fixes! This version fixes some pretty serious issues with the mod, so updating to this one is important! Also included are some new MCM options.

    Saves that already have SurvivalCore installed should be able to update to this version safely.


    Fixed a severe bug where biohazard resistances were being applied to individual armors several times in a row.

    Fixed a severe bug where the biohazard resistance for an actor could fall below 0%, resulting in never giving biohazard resistance.

    Fixed the 'Prevent' medicine not dropping the risk of plague.

    Fixed internal mod version.

    Armor protection for the head and torso are now separate....

  • Version 2

    You must talk to a character that will not normally engage in conversation with you to get the extra items. Eg. NCR soldiers, Freeside residents, etc.
    Version 2 adds a recipe for resurrection, but it is RISKY, things might not come back the same......

  • Note about animations

    When asking a character to perform an animation give them a couple of seconds to react to the request before rushing them on to perform it, or it may fail. Also they may not do it if they are busy doing something else.

  • List of FNVGO Starter Packs


    A good overall pack that doesn't prioritize a specific playstyle.

    1x Light Leather Armor
    1x Hatchet
    1x Binoculars
    1x Doctor's Bag
    1x Repair Kit
    1x Purified Water
    1x Random Hat (50% Chance)

    1x Caravan Shotgun
    16x 20ga. Shell, Surplus

    1x Laser Pistol
    20x Energy Cell, Bulk

    1x Brass Knuckles

    5x Dynamite

    1x Doctor's Bag
    1x Scorpion Antivenom

    1x Repair Kit
    1x Wrench
    1x Hammer


  • SurvivalCore v1.02-beta has been released

    Version 1.02-beta is here
    ... And the next version is up! This one includes several fixes, so don't forget to grab it! The above picture is the new flamer effects on the Cleansing Flame. Fiery goodness.


    Fixed super mutants and other creatures playing the vomit animation when poisoned.

    Fixed a direct edit to the Timescale setting.

    Fixed several MCM settings not being applied to reloaded saves.

    Fixed Cleansing Flame not applying the burned skin FX to dead targets.

    Reworked the Flamer mechanics, it is now much less laggy, and has impact splash.

    Flamer fuel's weight has been increased even further.

    Slightly decreased the dura...

  • Minor update

    Added a new Vendor named Julie in one of the outer houses. I have tried to make her lore friendly and she does still require a bit of work however i am slowly but surely updating the mod over time as i learn how to use G.E.C.K....

  • Version 1.01-beta is here

    Version 1.01-beta is here
    Just a short announcement. I got this version out as quickly as I could, since I knew some players were waiting for some specific features. This update should be save compatible if you have already installed SurvivalCore on that save. Enjoy the new features!


    A few of you wanted some extra options in the Mod Configuration Menu to do with the level cap and skill points. These options can be found in the Actor Stats tab.

    The Fever-X texture has been updated both in appearance and resolution. The resolution has changed from 128x128, to 512x512, someone pointed out it being too low-res, and I agreed ;)

  • Ver 3.36 Changelog.

    Total new icons: 9

    Removed Hot-Key icons
    Removed Type Icons
    Removed Compass Tick Icons
    Removed HQ Map Icons
    These are found in my new mod: Clean Vanilla Hud along with other new improvements!

    Interfaceshared Updated.

    Modders Resources:
    Added new icons:
    Improvements made to:
    Deleted these icons:
    9 (the file is named 9), reasoning: use virginofthewastes (in the same folder) instead, much higher quality.
    3 (the file is named 3), reasoning: u...

  • Demorome's Files

    A list of files I've uploaded to this mod page, for documentation purposes. Organized in descending chronological order (newest -> oldest).

    COUNT: 22

    Main Files:
    -No PC Level Health Scaling
    -No NPC Level Health Scaling
    -No Weapon Jamming
    -No Karma Gain for Killing Evil NPCs
    -No Karma Loss for Killing Good NPCs
    -Map Zoom Extensions
    -Shorter Death Cam Duration
    -Faster PipBoy Light
    -Third Person Camera Extension
    -Weapons Follow Crosshair In First Person
    -No Auto-Aim
    -Classic Fallout Tag Skills
    -No Casino Anti-Cheat
    -No Fall Damage
    -Unlimited Traits
    -No Weapon and Armor Degradation (No Condition Damage)
    -No Hardcore Needs
    -No Combat Music

  • Wew

    Alright, so I turned my off-work attention to this as I had nothing to do (Kappa), and I think it turned out pretty good. When I was making the Groovatron (FO3, circa 10 years ago), I had an idea that wouldn't go away. So I can make NPCs do what I want right? What if I wanted an NPC to follow me?... That got me started on something.

    Originally I had the Groovatron mod include a companion function. But, this project became a thing in and of itself, and I separated it from the Groovatron (Groovy  Followers). Before it was fully realized (but released anyway), life happened, but I had a working version that had some bugs. After a hellish divorce, I took a hiatus from modding and playing games. It's been a while now and I am revisiting this. I am now playing Fallout New Vegas, and...

  • NOEP