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This is part 1 of Riddick Companion Mod Part 2 will be out next dragbody via update!
This mod brings the universe's most wanted man to Fallout: New Vegas... Richard B. Riddick. He is fully voiced, recruitable, and complete with backstory, conversation topics, and loads of random comments throughout the Mojave. Over 300 lines of dialogue in total.
Link- http://vgunetwork.forumotion.net/
red faq on how to become approved
This is the first version of a mod that will grow into something much bigger.
For now, the story is simple. Did you know Riddick was in Fallout: Tactics? It's true...
And, did you know Aliens exist in the Fallout world? Of course you did. Mothership Zeta... hello!
So, this means that alien life and space travel exist in the Fallout world and there is a lore-friendly precedent for Riddick being on earth after the Great War. This mod picks up that torch and brings Riddick back to the Mojave for a full companion experience.
If you go to Eddie's office in the NCRCF you will find a note explaining that a space ship has recently crashed on earth. Onboard was a merc and his prisoner. The merc needed a maximum security area to hold the prisoner while waiting for transport off of Earth. 
And so the fun begins.


  1. spy350
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    The Link For This Mod: http://www.mediafire.com/download/p9rxj9efeescd0p/RiddickCompanionLowerRes.rar

    Fix for the issue with the ulaks (install after the main file): https://www.mediafire.com/?8x2hd3qj8adk2o8
  2. GlowManGaming
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    For those that are new to modding like myself, just fyi about this mod if you saw the video and have coming looking for it here.

    Click the video link on the video above and it will take you to Youtube where you can find the link to GUN and you can go from there.

    GUN looks shady to me, and I got a bunch of warning signs, just from clicking the link. I don't know if the author of this mod has some reason for not posting it here, but I am sure he/she is missing out on a lot of endorsements, specifically, mine. I would have easily paid him/her half of what I paid for this game to have this mod but I am not gonna make assumptions as to why it's not on the Nexus.

    Good luck to those that trust GUN, again, the site seems shady to me.
    Btw, there is a Riddick mod where you can play as him and use his weapons. Just search "Riddick" here in the Nexus. But, for those that just want him as a companion, you are out of luck if you are just sticking to the Nexus like me.
  3. soheil777
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    i can not register to this site
    i create 3 account but i cannot login with 3 account
    and they are dont send email for complete registration
    what is this site? what is they problem?
  4. spikewill67
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    where the hell do I download the companion and not just the blasted video? I keep googling and all I get is bragging videos about him but no damn download link. this is really fraustrating me
    1. LazyAmerican
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      Guessing the mod isn't permitted here or by choice only hosted on the other site that requires a certain amount of posts to download files. A shame...looks pretty cool.
    2. camronzfighter
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      i found it on gun
  5. Tulius
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    Here, on Youtube, in this video you have a link: