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PROBLEM: I believe I have a glitch in which I'm stuck on the first floor of Gomorrah, near the entrance. I just entered, and I can't move, jump, or pull up my Pip Boy. SOLUTION:

Inside the casino:

- Open your console and type "enableplayercontrols".
- Click on the doorman and enter "disable" in the console.
- He's dissapear, then type "enable".
- Now, you can move. Exit the casino and then re-enter.
(Dialogue for weapons and their confiscation should automatically take place)
- Fixed.


I recommend making a;
- Save game.
- Exit game.
- Reload your game.

All of the above so that your achievements are not deactivated. Opening the game console will cause them to be disabled. When reloading the game this stops happening.

* Also spanish Version in the description.