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In the geck, you can give object and light references Emittance to change their appearance, and give them certain properties.

Notably, with NVInteriorRegion as the emittance setting, you can make light objects change color to match the time of day, allowing you to simulate sunlight coming through a window.

There is also the InvertedDaylightRegion value, which will make lights disappear during the day, and return during the night. This means you can create nice night lighting without impacting the scene during the day.

In both the left and right example scenes you can clearly see the sunlight coming through window reddens and dims to nothing as the sun sets.

It may be more difficult to notice, but if you pay attention to the areaaround the door on the Right scene, you'll notice that a dim light comes on at night, making the area noticeably lighter than the scene on the left.

I like this because it gives the impression the fluorescent light in the middle of the room is bouncing off the surrounding surfaces and providing a dim illumination. Since it goes away during the day, I don't have to worry about it impacting the scene during the day where the bright sunlight coming through the window makes that same area feel appropriately bathed in shadow.