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This is a simple animation test I did with resources from the mod "Automatron NV" created by the MA prodlimen. This auromatron and the eyebot pod from the latest video could be part of a future project. Share your ideas and comments. It will help me to give shape to this project for FO3 and NV aswell.

If you like prodlimen models, you can found his mod here: Automatron (modders resource)

Although, his models are only statics for decoration and have no animation.


  1. AmaccurzerO
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    Thank you for your suggestions and ideas. A BETA version is available. More content will be added eventually.
  2. PreWarTech
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    The LEGEND continues..great animation work with the arms!
  3. FireStar999
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  4. prodlimen
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    Yay!, the robotic arms came to life! Glorius work!.