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*many nods*


  1. Ivantripodski
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    i think an ammo select menu would be cool
    1. Xilandro
      • supporter
      • 3,175 posts
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      ammo select menu?..
    2. KingKaliber01
      • member
      • 231 posts
      • 20 kudos
      I think he means a quick menu to switch between ammo types. Though I think you can just hotkey ammo so It's not completely new.
    3. Xilandro
      • supporter
      • 3,175 posts
      • 743 kudos
      There's a key designated exactly for that in the vanilla game. Press 2 on your keyboard. I don't see a reason to make a menu for something that works just fine as it is at the moment. You can also select ammo in the pipboy in the ammo tab.
    4. BobtheHobo24
      • member
      • 143 posts
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      I think he is suggesting a quick menu for switching ammo so you don't have to cycle through all of them until you get the one you want.
    5. Maxime117
      • premium
      • 734 posts
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      Still not really worth it, we usually don’t have more than 3-4 ammo types per ammo...
  2. EnderDragonFire
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    It seems like Xilandro will make this game modern or die trying.
  3. junkacc11
    • member
    • 499 posts
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    Wow this is great. First it was diagonal movement and now this. Pet peeves keep disappearing.

    Could you also make the PC reflect the NPC disposition? Like if the NPC likes you, the PC smiles back or something like that. Like in Oblivion.
  4. YanL
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  5. Jmodrak18
    • member
    • 273 posts
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    Looks cool but at the same time unsettling.
    If someone was just doing headspins staring at me like that it would make me really uncomfortable...
    1. Xilandro
      • supporter
      • 3,175 posts
      • 743 kudos
      I'm open for suggestions
    2. roomerro
      • premium
      • 225 posts
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      lick your lips to make it more comforting.
    3. User_53139156
      • account closed
      • 164 posts
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      Maybe make the torso turn slightly when the head turns at extreme angles?
    4. MildlyFootwear
      • premium
      • 198 posts
      • 18 kudos
      One suggestion could be to just make it more subtle.
      The current "cone" that detects what to look at seems to be over 100 degrees. Personally, cutting that cone down to 90 degrees or less would make it seem more natural. Maybe have the player's head reset to its "normal" position when the player intentionally turns and give a second or so before headtracking resumes?