Fallout New Vegas
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Same as in the geck, but prettier, easier and better. Configure, export as text file, copypaste values into your weather, get downloads, swim in endorsements.
Been working on it last year, but had to stop due to Fallout: the Frontier involvement and (later) serious health issues. Heavy work in progress. Sharing the vid just because why not. It will make me actually feel responsibility for it and I might finish the mod\tool one day


  1. CaptMicrowave
    • supporter
    • 6 posts
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    I really hope you make this public someday soon. It looks extraordinary. I've wasted countless hours tweaking lighting via ENB; this tool looks vastly superior.
  2. Toxicity86
    • member
    • 128 posts
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    Something like reset a value to default be right clicking it would be comfy :3
  3. Remhac
    • premium
    • 1,206 posts
    • 44 kudos
    You're a god! Hope you are feeling better
  4. Tecium
    • member
    • 53 posts
    • 10 kudos
    Wow, it even allows you to configure imagespace modifiers? You're awesome. This will really help with getting the perfect look for ENBs.
  5. pintocat
    • premium
    • 1,527 posts
    • 176 kudos
    That's an impressive ui