PRAEGRESSUS alpha gameplay demo by marinchev
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Added: 11/01/2017 - 12:28AM
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This is a short demonstration of what I have planned to be a DLC-sized modification for New Vegas. So far, this is the only part I've completed to somewhat pleasurable degree. If you like what I've done and you want to see this complete - bomb the comments, or leave a like!

HUGE thanks to David Fesliyan for allowing me to use his great music in my mod! Thanks dude!

Edit: Since this is only a demo to some of the mechanics I'll be using, there's no official "quest" yet, and even if I ever make it a quest - i intend to keep markers out of it, and handholding to a minimum.

As of now, I'm holding onto the idea of just rewarding experience points for certain actions that progress the story. So, you might wanna share your opinions in the comments section about this :) I'm open to any form of suggestions/help/criticism.

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  • 804,970

    Official Pipboy Readius - New Vegas Edition
    Official Pipboy Readiu...
    by Brianide
  • 13,409

    Nordic Leathered Readius
    Nordic Leathered Readi...
    by Kaya47
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    Holodisk ( Holotape ) - Retex
    Holodisk ( Holotape ) ...
    by aogara

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