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Hello, I am TheDapperGuar. I am a small modder who likes to make rather simple addons for Morriwind. Morrowind has always had a special place for me. I started modding for my self a few years ago making mostly patches for my favorite mods. After seeing how amazing the community is I decided that it was time for me to try my hand at making public mods for the game I love.



I am currently working on what will essentially be an overhaul mod. Most most of the mods I release will be integrated into a single mod, while I work on this I am releasing every section of the mod separately to provide an idea of what is to come.


The overhaul will have four main modules. 


-Creature edits EG: Aggro Tweaks


-Price Re-balances EG: More valuable gemstones


-Unused Content integrations EG: Queen of Bats wings


-Optional/Questionable EG: Creature Merchants/Weapon Buffs

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