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My current mod lists and some tips: 


Morrowind: Don't have one YET.


Oblivion: I just followed these guides and added what I wanted:


Skyrim: I likely won't play OG Skyrim EVER, SSE is more stable.


Skyrim SE:


Fallout 3: I don't mod F3, use TTW, it runs better on modern systems in anyways.


Just follow the install instructions and read EVERYTHING.


Fallout New Vegas: When I can be bothered to write and upload it.


Fallout 4: When I actually manage to mod it.


So you want to know more about me, eh?

Well, I guess I can regale you a bit, I don't see why you are so interested, but here I go:


>What is your favourite manga?



I don't read much tbh.


>What is your favourite Anime?



-Cowboy Bepop

-Berserk (Not 2016)


-Jin-Roh Wolf Brigade

-Sword of the Stranger

-Boku no Pico


>Did Griffith do anything wrong?



>What is your favourite movies?

-Lord of the Rings Trilogy

-Indiana Jones


-Taxi Driver

-Usual Suspects

-Lawrence of Arabia (Despite never finishing it)

-The Dark Knight

My opinion of most modern movies is negative.


>What is your favourite videogames?


-Fallout New Vegas


-Baldurs Gate 1/2

-Dragon Age Origins


-Neverwinter 1/2

-Gothic 1/2/3

You get the idea of my tastes.


>What do you think Nexus needs?

Less big titty mods, males need love too.


>Political Views?

Some sort of Alt-Right/Nationalist/Liberal hybrid (And no, I'm not a Nazi)

I obviously won't voice my controversial opinions on Nexus, there are better circle jerky sites for that, and I'd rather keep my Nexus account within the rules and alive, thank you very much.


>Mod authors/Creators you recommend supporting or checking out?


(List on Google Drive for less clutter)

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