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I go by Bloxyman on the internet, but my real name is Jeremy Schwarz. I have Autism & ADHD, although I've gotten used to being & acting different than others. I try to be helpful & polite to others whenever I can, & will stand up for what I believe in, but I usually try to avoid getting into fights altogether. Please treat me with respect, & I'll do the same for you.


Things I like:

- The Fallout Franchise. (Including Fallout 76)

- Things that I can customize & personalize to my liking.

- Pepperoni pizza with Alfredo sauce.

- Lore-friendly, high-quality, & highly compatible Fallout mods.

- Al Chestbreach, Oxhorn & JuiceHead.


Things I dislike:

- Any game that is filled with paywalls, micro-transactions, & pay-to-win content.

- Things that I can't customize or personalize at all.

- Pineapple pizza with Tomato sauce.

- Slooty Fallout mods that require a body mod that I don't use.

- MxR & YouTubers that post fake news about Video Games such as LegacyKillaHD.

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