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What on earth do people put in these pages? A life history or a brief summary? In the case of the latter, "bad tempered" will probably do. In the case of the former, "born in a land far, far away1 some decades ago; did stuff; currently writing this" will have to suffice!

1 i.e. Jarrow, "The Jewel of the North".2

2 oh alright, not really.

As far as TES goes, started playing in 2006, enjoyed it, complained about it, modded it, played it again, complained about it again, modded it with some of my own creations ... etc. Which is why I'm here, I suppose. Maybe one day I'll finally upload some of my own mods, probably long after everyone else has lost interest, but that makes it a bit safer to do so from my perspective! And in the meantime to hopefully remember to review and support the hard work of the fabulous people who do contribute.

Stuff I've worked on which may or may not ever see the light of day:

  • Nigel the Mudcrab: Nigel is a large and friendly mudcrab who stands guard outside the Waterfront Shack, unless he gets bored and wanders off randomly. If the player's in the vicinity he'll follow them about and will lend his pwning services if required (or even if not). I still can't resist the amusement of provoking a fight with Malvulis and her crew and just standing back watching Nige do his thing.
  • Sigil Stones for Sale: trying to do every sigil tower was entertaining in its own special way... but only once. And even then you still end up with 60 water-walking enchantments if you don't save before grabbing the stone and reload until something more useful eventually comes up. Combined with waiting until level 17 (or 23, or whatever) for the transcendent stones to become available, it's all a bit arse. Since I figure the player isn't going to be the only one collecting what's going to be worth a king's ransom or a nice fat retirement, this mod makes them available for sale from vendors of soul gems, and they scale approximately with the player's level.
  • Castle Life: a biggie. Sort of a parallel to my favourite mod, moDem's City Life, at the instigation of Onra I set about making Cyrodiil's castles a bit larger and busier. Unfortunately a combination of chronic illness and being massively over-ambitious have meant this seems to be eternally pre-beta, but maybe bits of it could still be released in time. A rather cheesy page with random pictures is here.
  • Clothes and stuff: though Oblivion came with lots of groovy threads, I still didn't think there was enough diversity, and probably spent far more time than was sensible re-colouring and creating new meshes in Blender, an application for which I have a very special hatred.
  • etc

My usual (in fact only) character when playing Oblivion is the eponymous and slightly (in)famous Vometia Smith. Vometia has also visited, drunk, passed out and puked in pubs, inns and taverns in Thedas, Nagrand, Megaton, Rivellon, the Praesidium, etc etc.



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