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Hey guys I'm Mike. I'm a Psychology/Philosophy major at Roger Williams University, but I've had years of computer graphics, gaming modding, and programming experience from my years in highschool/middleschool.
Currently (besides my studies in school) I've been working on my music making career (it's really a hobby) and DJ work. I've been the systems administrator (the IT guy) for our school radio station, which has given me ample opportunity for practicing my DJing skills as well as music producing. Back to a related topic I started off modding back when I first bought Morrowind... and I haven't put down the game since. But lately, after my over-indulgence into oblivion, I've been playing Fallout3 and New Vegas frequently. Currently working on some mods for both games but I have the unfortunate habit of leaving something half finished and working on something else... so it may take me a while. If you have any questions about ANYTHING feel free to message me!

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