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I have Managed to keep computers a hobby since 1992 started with Dialup BBS - yes there was no such thing as Internet. DOS, Deskview, batch files, Fidonet, all that.

Got interested in RPG's Ultima, Wizardry, SSI ect. Jumped to servers and Internet 1996-7 built servers and RAID arrays for many years. 2005 - 2009 xeon MP and Active Directory, DNS, Domain Controllers. Bailed out at "Cloud Era".

Went back to Gaming and building MadDog machines for games :) Still At C2D because most of my fave games were developed 2008-2010 and have problems w/ 4cores. My Fav Setup now: C2D E8600 @3.3ghz XFX 790i ultra MB - DDR3 Tri-Sli Nvidia chipset Nvidia GTS 250 3way sli - they are affordable :) 8 gigs DDR3 @1333 WD 1TB drive WD1002FAEX Corsair 950TX P/S - single 12v rail.


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