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Visit my Tumblrs for more images and stories featuring my characters, and for various and sundry Skyrim-related ephemera:

Ridiculously Long and Yet Incomplete List o' Mods in use:

Custom ENB config based on Jasmin's 4.5, updated to work with the 113 Kage wrapper. Various texture upgrades, Lush Trees and Grass, Darker Dungeons, Claralux, WATER, and too many other visual tweaks to list here.

Dimonized UNP bodies. Gwynhyr and Lisette both use custom textures based on XCE and Dimon99's, with a bit of Navetsea's added in for accent, and more than a few hand-painted details. Gwynhyr sports a custom athletic normal map based on the vanilla male and female maps and Navetsea's. She's also been implemented as a Custom Race so that she and Aela the Huntress are the only women sporting the more muscular normals.

Gwynhyr's outfits may contain one or more of the following: re-colored vanilla HD scaled armor, various pieces from Combination Vanilla Outfits, Eisen Platte cuirass with CluelessClue's steel retexture, tassets and accessories from the Black Sacrament set, and accessories from Temptress race package. Her headdress is a combination of 83Willow's Real Dreadlocks, adapted to show hair using the Forsworn Female Helm Replacer, and textured with a mashup of Willow's textures and vanilla HD.

Lisette wears one or more of the following: Triss Armor Retextured with custom colorway (WIP, soon to be adapted to UNP body), Osare Gothic Lolita dress with custom colorway (WIP), accessories from Temptress package.

Gwynhyr wields an Ebony Longblade (soon to be retextured) and an ebony bow with the hunting bow mesh applied, arrows from the Chronicles of Steel or vanilla arrows with quivers courtesy of Private Selective Quivers. Lisette carries an ebony sabre and an elven blade based on Legolas's dagger, as well as an Elven Ebony Bow.

The Otter makes use of Doodaboom's Scout Armor, Mirap's 3rd Person Magic Animation Replacers, Leather Backpack by Tupli. He carries Narquelion, a Khajiit saber from JaySus Swords, and arrows from the Chronicles of Steel among others. Brelyna's makeover courtesy of FurArmor's Decent Women.

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