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Great news! Our friends at Warhorse Studios have provided us with 3 GOG Keys for Kingdom Come Deliverance + their brand new From the Ashes DLCNaturally, we will be giving these out to our community in this special giveaway, starting now and lasting until Saturday, 21st July at 11:59 pm GMT (entry rules below).

To be clear: we will be picking 3 winners at random who will each receive a GOG Key for the base game and a key for the DLC. You will need an account on to redeem the keys.

To participate and to not screw up your chances of winning, pay attention to the entry rules below:

In order to make sure that the winner comes from the Nexus Mods community, there are some mandatory steps for ensuring your eligibility.

1. Leave a comment on this article. You can say anything you want. (The site rules still apply!)
2. Log into the contest entry form with your preferred method.
3. Click the second entry action that says "Leave a comment on Nexus Mods"
4. Enter your Nexus Mods username into the text field.

(If you didn't leave a comment here before going to the contest entry form, be sure to follow the link back here and do that.)
No comment or valid username = no game keys for you.

Congratulations to the winners:

Click here to enter for your chance to win a GOG Key for Kingdom Come: Deliverance + From the Ashes DLC
(Entry period ends on Saturday, July 21st at 11:59 pm GMT)
You can read more about why we do monthly giveaways for our social media here.


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    Thank you all for participating! We will be contacting the winners on Monday 23rd June.
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    Please support gaming development on Linux. Please provide Vortex, the new Nexus Mod Manager, for Linux. Thank you.
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    Last but not least.
  5. AddeCalifornia
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    Best of luck to everyone :)
  6. SexyDuck24436
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    I'll donate 5$ to charity. (I was going to do even if i lose)
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    Shoop da whoop.
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    E Pluribus Unum!
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    please kind sir.
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    Let's try !