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Carrying a lot of loot and being far away from any Mojave Express box you can use the radio and call Mojave Express robot to deliver your property into box of your choice.

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his mod is for those hard working people who drag heavy loot across the desert.As courier, you are entitled to Mojave Express services at minimal prices. For only ten caps you can have your loot delivered to MOjave Express box of your choice. From any
place in the Mojave Wasteland. You just need to step outside and use the Mojave Express phone. The nearest robotic courier will arrive very soon. It can't travel to interiors, so you must be outside.

Johnson Nash indicated that Mojave Express is using robots as couriers when talking about ED-E. So, here is one. The courier
is Mister Handy robot with terminal control interface. Select the Cargo Compartment Access and dump your loot into it. Unlike
ME box, you can do it as many times as you want before you decide to deliver. For example, you can have the robot follow you
as you loot several dead bodies in the area. When you are finished, select the destination and you are done. Don't be tempted
to select the destination first and transfer the loot into cargo compartment later, because your items will remain in Cargo compartment. You will be able to find them there next time you invoke the robot.

Robot will not be invoked if you are inside or outside Mojave wasteland or if you have less than 10 caps. Robot always
approaches from the north. You will able to see him when it s abouty 35 meters away. Do not worry if it gets stuck inside
the obstacle, like rock or building. Keep moving away from the obstacle and robot will show up when there is 35 meters
clear to north of you. Next robot can be invoked only after previos one was ordered to deliver and disappeared out of sight.
Mojave Express phone can be found inside Mojave Express office in Primm. It is on the cabinet near the counter where
the ED-E is.

Robotic Courier can be invoked inside Fort if you, for example, decided to exterminate everyone there. It might sometimes
take 2 or more robots to ship all the loot home.