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Changes the gameplay incredibley. Many changes made. Highlight being realistic damage. Read for more info. Also includes Day of the Dead for ghouls.

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m u t u a l l y a s s u r e d d e s t r u c t i o n

Version one has bug with the 1911, I've uploaded a fix, go download it!

The Following headers are for all the SEPARATE esp's which are included.
This mod, in theory, should be compatible with any weapon or armor mods you have.
Also, with the way this mod is designed it should be compatible with the vast majority of other mods.

Weapons Damages Multiplied by 4
Damage no longer based on skill but rather a flat value.
Shotgun Bean Bags instant knock down.
Double Barrel, Lever action, and Single shot Shotguns damage increased slightly.
Spreads for shotguns tweaked, all tightened slightly.
50MG Incindiary changes to High Explosive.
Enemy Health Not Based on Level
12.7mm changes to .45 ACP
NPC's use up ammo
Scoped wobble changed to 0.7 from 1.0
Gun Skill Based Wobble changed from 0.5 to 0.2
Gun skill multi raised, A good gun skill is much more important for accuracy now
Shell casing life time changed from 5 to 10
Chances of BigHorn dismemberment reduced for 100% absolute to 25%
Gore bits resized for BigHorn to be more realistic.
Time Scale Changed from 30 to 6, 1 Real Hour = 6 In Game Hours
Increased Camera shake from explosions.
The percent of damamge you must do to an enemy in order to get XP when it dies had been changed from 40% to 51%, so you must do most of the damage.
All experience gained from killing has been cut in half. Compensates for the less absurd health of enemies.
You now sprint while your weapon is holstered. Great for fleeing or traveling!

Ambient Lighting:
All Interior Cells now have zero ambient lighting. The only light is the light that is cast.
You actually have a use for your Pipboy light now. Remember press and hold tab.

Guns Addon:
.45 Gov't Pistol (Colt 1911) added.
.38 Special Revolver Added.
Battle Rifle (M1 Garand) Added
Added Dragon's Breath Ammunition for 12Ga.
Dynamite explosions made more devastating
Frag Grenade explosions made less devastating
Frag grenade, dynamite, missle, and nuke explosions will all knock people over, also, on death these explosions also have a chance to entirely gib, or explode, an actor into bloody chunks.

Day of The Dead:
Where ever there were ghouls there now are incredibley more. This is compensated by the fact the core gameplay makes killing easier
Ghoul will only die from head or leg shots!
You can blow off a ghoul's arm and he will fall over but get back up!!!

RPG Quick Start:
Quick start, no cinematic
Choose from Five Different Starting Locations
Added starting classes and locations

Wastelanders Clothes (Poor), Lead Pipe, 32. Pistol , 10 32. Rounds, Pack of Cig. , Food, 5 Bottlecaps
You have been cast out of every bastion in the wasteland or you simply detest the comforts of society, or whats left of it. You are the drifter, you walk alone.

+Speech, +Barter
Grimy Prewar Business Suit, Prewar Money, Whiskey, 9mm, 18 9mm Rounds, Dress Cane, 20 Bottle Caps
You are the silver tongued devil, wether its a gambit for political game or another round of whiskey your quick witted blather is you primary weapon.

Every Man
No Modifiers
Wastelanders Clothes (Nicer), Baseball Bat, 10mm Pistol, 15 Rounds, Food, Beer, 10 Bottle Caps
You are the every man, a face lost in the crowd.

Competent Man
+Repair, +Science, +Medicine
RobCo Outfit, Stimpak, Pilot Light, Medical Brace, Earnings Clipboard, Laser Pistol, 10 Energy Cells, Hatchet, 7 Bottlecaps
You are capable of sealing a wound with stitches while also being able to unjam a gun at the same time, you know that knowledge is power.

+Sneak , +Agility
Tan Wastelanders Outfit, Thieves Hood, Switchblade, Hunting Rifle, 10 .308 Rounds, Jet, Scotch, 7 Bottlecaps
You are the wretched scum of the wasteland, a knife in the back or a shot in the dark your gains will be met and none will be the wiser.

+Explosives, +Guns, +Strength
Metal Armor, Reinforced Metal Helmet, Fire Axe, Hunting Shotgun, 10 12Ga. Shells, Buff Out, 7 Bottle Caps
You are the big guns, you are the reinforcements that get called in, when bullets start flying you are the primary cause.

+Guns, +Repair
Unique Gunglinger Outfit, Unique Gunslinger Hat, .357 Magnum, 12 .357 Rounds, Whiskey, Pack of Cig. , 7 Bottlecaps
You are the cowboy, a man with a pistol and shot of whiskey, either the sheriff wants you as his new deputy or he's sent them after you.



1911 Weapon
Uploader: StrayMM
Models: Twinke Masta
Skins: klla_syc3
UVW Maps: flamshmizer & Twinke Masta
Compile: JamesM
MinorEdits: Einherjrar
FO3Compile/Format: Einherjrar

Fallout 3 Weapons
Uploader: LORD DARIUS13

Custom Start Resource
Uploader: Dakcenturi
& TheMagician

Gunslinger Outfit
Uploader: ginger9


If you find any bugs report them to me in the comment section of the mod page.
If you need further support then email me at johnnythrash(at)


This mod also comes with an update checker I wrote. You can run it when you want to see if you have the most current version.