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High and Dry is my personal modlist that uses Viva New Vegas as a base and boasting 500+ mods total.

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High and Dry is my personal modlist that uses Viva New Vegas as a base and boasting 500+ mods total. This modlist caters to the casual player by adding animations, visuals, gameplay features and overhauling parts of the game to make it feel more lived and consistent. I've also changed many aspects of the user interface to my personal taste. It doesn't add any new worlds, big quests or locations. Disclaimer: Files that are uploaded here are for my modlist and I make no financial gain uploading them here.

  • Click HERE for the load order and modlist to know exactly what is included.


Utilities: Your essential stability mods that are required by the game and other mods to function properly. Some highlights include...
  • xNVSE (Script Extender) - Essential for expanding the scripting capabilities of New Vegas.
  • FNV 4GB Patcher - Essential patcher to make New Vegas 4GB Aware.
  • New Vegas Heap Replacer - Essential for your New Vegas to be faster and more optimized. It decreases load times, removes some stutter and slightly improves frame rate.
  • Multiple various plugins that add features and engine tweaks & bug fixes.

Bug Fixes: Fundamental bug fixing mods. Some highlights include...

User Interface: Mods focused on interface visuals and its usability. Some highlights include...
  • The Mod Configuration Menu - Allows select mods to be configured via a single in-game menu.
  • Vanilla UI Plus - Improves the user interface without compromising the original style.
  • Contextual HUD - Personal preference of HUD when you need it, and HUD when you don't.
  • Barter Categories Icons - Synchronizes categories while bartering along with better icons.
  • MAPMO - Adds a bunch of customizable features to the Main and Pause menus.

Animation: Mods focused on adding and improving the animations of New Vegas. Some highlights include...
  • B42 Melee Bash - Adds melee attacks for non-melee weapons.
  • B42 Quickthrow - Adds modern throwing weapons mechanics.
  • B42 Loot - Lets you to physically grab items you're picking up.
  • B42 Inject - A framework that plays animations when you use aid items like Stimpak, RadX, Nuka-Cola.
  • B42 Interact - A framework that plays animations to items and other in-game object interactions with a wide variety of supported events. From pushing buttons or opening doors, to animals skinning and special animations for unique or quest items.
  • B42 Optics - Adds dual render scopes.
  • New Vegas Animation Overhaul Guns - Adds first-person animations for (almost) every weapon in New Vegas and its DLCs.

Gameplay: Mods that aim to improve the general gameplay of New Vegas. Some highlights include...
  • JAM - Just Assorted Mods - Highly configurable set of new modern features such as a quick loot menu, dynamic crosshair, sprinting, and more.
  • Enhanced Movement - A mod featuring movement bug fixes, 1st person diagonal movement, enhanced sprint, enhanced sneak, enhanced leaning, animated prone framework, new animations, and more.
  • Leveled DLC Delay - Delays DLC until you meet the required level or visit the respective location.
  • Fallout 4 Power Armor Features:
- Power armor now provides a carry weight bonus
- Prevents damage from falls
- Super jump
- Power attacks with a melee or unarmed weapon while in power armor moves objects like corpses, crates, or cars
- Tesla Armor is now properly electrified, and any enemy close enough to it will start suffering 5 points of electrical damage per   second
- Implements the Fallout 4 perk Pain Train
  • Better Character Creation - Improves the character creation by speeding up the process, adding specialized gear based on your tag skills, and making Wild Wasteland an opt-in feature rather than a trait.
  • (SSS) Tag Perk Adjustment - Brings back the Classic Tag Skill and changes other game settings.

Content: Mods that restore and add new lore-friendly content to the game. Some highlights include...
  • FPGE - Functional Post Game Ending - Adds a fully functional post-ending world with consequences and a vastly changed world.
  • The Living Desert - Adds hundreds of new NPCs and scripted events that make the world feel much more alive and reactive.
  • Simple Open Freeside - Opens up Freeside into one contiguous world space
  • Simple Open Strip - Opens up The Strip into one contiguous world space
  • Suite-er Than Before - My creation that adds many upgrades around the Lucky 38 Suite as well as a massive DLC Unique Weapon and Armor Display Room. Each upgrade and DLC Display are purchasable at the terminal.
  • Hidden Valley Overhauled - Reworks of the lighting and atmosphere of the Brotherhood of Steel's Hidden Valley Bunker.

Overhauls: Mods that rebalance game mechanics and its difficulty. Some highlights include...- Lower starting AP, Health, and Carry Weight.
- Less loot.
- Healing is harder.
- Lackluster equipment is more viable.
- Minor balance tweaks to perks in order to make them more interesting and fun to play.

Visuals: Mods improving the overall look and feel of the game. There are A LOT, but here are the highlights...
  • NMC's Texture Pack
  • Afterglow
  • Nut Vegas
  • Legacy Reborn
  • Rock Remesh
  • A Little More Lamplight
  • Desert Natural Weathers + Redux
  • Dusty Distance Redone
  • Desert Landscapes
  • New Vegas Landscape Overhaul Re-Mastered
  • Better Grass
  • Lumen
  • VICE
  • Titans of the New West
  • Pip-Boy 2000
  • All the "Physically Based …" mods
  • All of Ashens2014 animated mods
  • Clothing/Armor Retexture mods
  • Improved Vanilla Male Body
  • TYPE4 Female Body
  • Character Kit Remake
  • New Vegas Reloaded - OPTIONAL

LOD: Levels of Detail
  • I have re-generated the Object, Trees, and Terrain LOD to add details in the distance while also making all LOD match the modded textures I have included.

High and Dry - Discord
  • If you need support or have suggestions on how to improve this modlist.