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Improves the look of the neglected Coyote with a set of retextures along the lines of Desert Natural Creatures.

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Simple Description:

Retextures the coyote to look more like the animal it's meant to look like.
Gives puppies and adults different meshes
Thanks to Zenl and 

Coyotes have a tan natural looking coat and sharp yellow eyes with a slight glow(mostly noticeable at night or with darker night/interiors mods), and a less deformed shape with characteristic large ears and less dog like chest.

Open to any and all feedback, critique and bug reports, let me know how it works.

Highly encourage any talented screen archers to provide me with better screenshots, I know these ones suck, I didn't even remember to remove the cursor.
1000 robux to anyone that submits some coyote retexture images into the user submitted for me to replace the main ones with.(They are auto approved, as are vids)

Other retextures to check out that keep vanilla feel:
Gecko Retexture
Subtle desert aesthetics, looks better in game than the screenshots show
Classic Creature Retexture
I use the Radscorpion from this mod
Desert Natural Creatures
I use the Mantis from this mod
Nightstalker Retexture
Super cool looking, I prefer the one without mane to make them look more snake like, a bit high contrast though;
Desert Natural Creatures may be more preferable if you want them to blend in with the environment
Critters Retexture
Only mod that I know of that retextures the lakelurk(Besides Dragbody's great overhaul but for a Desert natural and vanilla feel this is a good go to.)


Why I made this:
The original Coyote is probably the worst looking creature in any 3D fallout
yet few have really taken a crack at making it look decent
At least as far as I've seen

With mods like Desert Natural Creatures and book of water around almost all of my creatures look more detailed/realistic and fit better into the Mojave
Except this ugly fella, 
I mean look at this dopey guy and his idiot clone son...

Nobody can tell me this isn't a pig wearing wolf's clothes... look at that snout.
Real Coyotes are just small wolves with big ears, this is... idk what this is, but it needed some improvement.
Worst of all it doesn't even blend in with the mojave, it's flat grey clashes with the warm brown hues of the sand, and it's sunken stomach is more reminiscent of deep chested dog breeds, even starving coyotes have a more oval shaped torso.

So I went to work giving the coyote a new paint job, a new set of eyes with a faint glow at night and lowered their texture to give it an upwards glare, changed up the mesh to use the dog mesh as a base, which ironically is far more coyote shaped than the strange coyotes in the game, and used the skeleton nif to make it have a more coyote like shape.