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this mod is incredibly simple, if you have the wild wasteland trait, on the table beside the three holy frag grenades there will be a note, on that note there will be a crafting recipe detailing that you will need the mad bomber perk, & explosives 100, to craft a holy frag grenade, & the only ingredient is one "big kid" mini-nuke

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DISCLAMER: the note with the recipe will not spawn on characters you've made before installing this mod, the note with the recipe will only appear for new characters with the wild wasteland perk, this is unintentional, but if i had to guess it has something to do with how wild wasteland works, i do not know how to fix this at this time, if you do want the recipe on a character you made before downloading this mod use this command without the quotation marks in the console  "player.additem HolyFragGrenadeRecipe 1"

dear reader,

there's not much need for a description, this mod is exactly what it say's it is on the tin, with this mod, when you find the holy frag grenades, right next to them will be a note when picked up will give you the recipe to the holy frag grenades (the mad bomber perk, 100 in explosives, & one "big-kid" mini-nuke per holy frag grenade)

i made this mod because i saw another mod that was similar, but i was left a little dissatisfied by it, so i decided to make my own, & honestly this version i only made because of popular demand when i threw the idea around with my friends, it is simple & more than reasonably balanced,

all considered, for my first mod i have ever made, i am really happy with how it turned out, i hope you get as much enjoyment using it as i did making it,

i am going to challenge myself to make a different version of the same mod, but the idea is that you literally had to be jesus to craft them, needing 10 charisma, 100 in speech, 100 in medicine, 100 in survival, & 100 in explosives, but as a trade-off for having such an asking cost to be able to craft them, the ingredients per holy frag grenade will only be one frag grenade, one purified water, one wine, & one stimpak, i thought this would be fun because they'll be cheaper so you could use them more often but you're also forced to pretty much roleplay jesus, it is just a thought & i think coding this would be a fun challenge

ok, that last paragraph i still want to do sometime in the near future, but currently i am working on writing a mod that will add crafting & breakdown recipes for all mini-nukes in game, i will also be adding a junk item called "Plutonium-239" which you will be able to acquire by braking down mini-nukes & souvenir rockets, this will probably be more of an equivalent exchange method of doing things only because the fallout new vegas economy is incredibly easy to break regardless, so the idea would be, buy all the mini nukes from the gun runners & you would be able to make a decent pile of the mini-nukes you actually want to use, for the purpose of version 2.0 of the holy hand grenade recipe, once i complete my craftable mini-nuke mod, i am going to have it be one regular mini-nuke, one purified water, one wine, & one scripture (not consumed during crafting) requirements to use the crafting recipe will be the mad bomber perk, 100 in explosives, & currently having very good karma, this version essentially makes you play the honest hearts dlc to become joshua gram & the good karma thing is positive reinforcement for roleplaying as jesus

sincerely, vinny johnnington