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Adds a new clothing item and a special variant of Callahan's Magnum from Fallout 3.

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This mod adds a new apparel piece and weapon into the game, found in a container outside Doc Mitchell's house. The apparel is the "Off-Duty Civilian Attire" which is based on one of the outfits that Dirty Harry wears in the movie of the same name. The weapon is "Callahan's Magnum" from Fallout 3, however, the textures are slightly different from how they are in that game, as well as minuscule differences in stats from the original.

If you have TTW installed, this gun will be named the same, but will not overwrite Callahan's Magnum as it exists in Fallout 3.

The outfit is also male only, as on a female character, it will instead resemble "Pre-War Businesswear"