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Mesh adjustment for Daniel's hat, so it actually fits a human head.

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I don’t think Fallout New Vegas mods will ever be the same again.

Okay, what the hell you guys. Somehow this little hat mod spawned a bajillion parodies, got onto the Hot Mods tab on the front page, and made the news. Thanks for the enthusiasm, but damn


I can't believe that in thirteen years, nobody else beat me to it: this mod is a mesh replacement for Daniel's hat, adjusted so it actually fits on a head. Nothing more, nothing less. I was sick and tired of staring at that stupid, comically oversized clown hat floating over Daniel's head, knowing it had the potential to be the best-looking hat in the game were it not for the aneurysm the designer must have had while making the model. So I did something about it. Just pop it into your data folder and enjoy.

Probably goes without saying, but requires Honest Hearts.