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A simple home in Goodsprings built for functionality and immersion.

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Immersive Goodsprings Home is a mod that provides players with a functional and lore-friendly player home in the town of Goodsprings. The mod takes one of the previously boarded-up houses and transforms it into a fully usable residence, complete with essential amenities and storage solutions.

The home features a working radio as well as five storage containers. The house includes a sink with purified water, for a clean and safe drinking source. The exterior of the house has also received some general improvements to make it feel more lived-in and visually appealing.

Immersion is a key focus of this mod, with the house designed to seamlessly integrate into the existing game world. The home is available from the start of the game, allowing players to establish a base of operations early on in their playthrough. A fast travel point has also been added for convenience, making it easy for players to come and go as they please.

By utilizing the vanilla shape of the house and only adding a functional door in place of the previously boarded-up entrance, the mod should integrate seamlessly into most player setups without causing conflicts or stability issues. If you use mods that add clutter or vegetation around the Mojave, it's possible that there will be some clipping.